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Lyon County Public Health announce two new deaths Monday, a White male in his 90s as confirmed Friday and a White male in his 80s as confirmed Sunday. Lyon County now has 13 deaths due to coronavirus. Five have happened over the last week.

4H activities concluded for the weekend on Sunday with the annual Horse Show.

Lyon County’s roads impacted by flooding rainfall last week are now open.

Despite a minor setback due to heavy rainfall over the past week, work is progressing well on the West Highway 50 expansion project.

4H events kicked off at the Anderson building last Friday with the Dog show and Hand Pet and Cat show.

The dog show had seven entries which performed in two categories: showmanship and obedience.

Participant Karis McAlister won the Grand Championship for obedience and Reserve Championship for Showmanship.

McAlister says that participating in 4H is something her family starts at a young age.

McAlister went on to say that starting her dog's training when it was a puppy was the key to success.

In Showmanship:

*Senior Showmanship Champion: BreAnna Gasche
*Senior Showmanship Reserve Champion: Karis McAlister

*Junior Showmanship Champion: Stormee Gasche
*Junior Showmanship Reserve Champion: Bailee VanSickle

For Obedience:

*Grand Champion Obedience: Karis McAlister
*Reserve Grand Champion Obedience: Bailee VanSickle

*Champion Pre-Novice A (ages 12 and under) Obedience: Mason Austin

*Champion Pre-Novice B (ages 13 and over) Obedience: Karis McAlister

*Reserve Champion Pre-Novice B Obedience: BreAnna Gasche

*Champion Beginner: Bailee VanSickle

*Reserve Champion Beginner: Trace Gasche

*Champion Puppy: Stormee Gasche

The Hand Pet and Cat show had a total of six entries with participants from 3 different 4H clubs.

Participant Morgan McCoy was Grand Champion of the Handpet show. McCoy says there is lots of preparation that goes into getting animals ready for the show.

*Champion Pet: Morgan McCoy

*Reserve Champion Pet: Lacey Rust

The Cat Show participant Clara Patterson won Grand Champion Cat and Grand Champion Decorated Cage. Participant Connelly Prouse won Reserve Champion Cat and Reserve Champion Decorated Cage.

*Champion Cat: Clara Patterson

*Reserve Champion: Connelly Prouse

*Champion Decorated Cage: Clara Patterson

*Reserve Champion Decorated Cage: Connelly Prouse

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Two more Lyon County residents have died due to coronavirus.

This will likely be a primary election cycle unlike any other we have seen.

Less than a month ago, Chelsea Brooks pleaded no contest to charges related to a chase from Emporia to western Osage County in late 2018. Brooks is now seeking to withdraw that plea.

Lyon County health officials are watching several trends with local COVID-19 metrics as we start the week.

The Cottonwood River at Emporia is now officially out of a flood warning. However, a few roads in Lyon and Chase counties are still officially closed due to heavy rainfall from last week.