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Governor Laura Kelly announces new statewide broadband access effort KVOE News File Photo

Broadband access is the main point of the latest state grant program announced by the office of Governor Laura Kelly Wednesday.

The Governor's administration has announced $85 million in state funds has been made available to help provide high-speed broadband internet access to rural and underserved Kansas communities. Expanded broadband access has been major focus for Governor Kelly's administration over the past few years and the new program is the first time in state history that a "concerted, statewide, bipartisan effort" has been put forth to increase statewide access according to a news release from the governor's office.

The program will invest the aforementioned $85 million over the next ten years with funding provided through the Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program, also known as IKE. Over the next three years, $5 million will be made available in grant funding after which time $10 million will be made available over the course of seven years.

In the aforementioned news release, Governor Kelly stated, “These grants are a critical part of my administration’s work to provide underserved Kansans with the high-speed internet they need to compete economically and to improve access to health, education, and commercial tools.” The governor would go on to state, “We are working quickly to ensure our communities, no matter their zip code, are adequately equipped for prosperity and growth, as Kansas continues to rebuild its foundation.”

The Broadband Acceleration grants will be available in a maximum amount of $1 million per recipient and will specifically assist with projects that address priorities for "unserved, economically distressed and service areas with compelling needs." For more information or to sign up to participate in the grant program click here. 

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Last modified on Friday, 27 November 2020 14:45