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Governor announces plan for budget cuts KVOE News file photo

Three days after the State Finance Council approved a certificate of indebtedness and opened the door for budget cuts, Governor Laura Kelly has finally announced her so-called allotment plan.

The governor plans to make over $700 million in cuts, above what was first reported last week when she offered a $900 million certificate of indebtedness to the State Finance Council for approval. The governor proposed to defer a $132 million payment to the Pooled Money Investment Board and taking out an additional $132 million loan from PMIB. Also, Governor Kelly is requesting:

*A nearly $150 million cut to reflect a possible reduction in human services caseloads
*A nearly $80 million savings by delaying a fiscal 2022 state foundation aid payment to the Kansas State Department of Education
*Better than $46 million in savings through adjustments to the Kansas Public Employee Retirement System
*Better than $42 million in cuts to evidence-based juvenile programs through the Kansas Department of Corrections
*A nearly $20 million cut to the Coronavirus Response Fund

Kelly says the plan will "preserve critical funding" for schools, infrastructure and business recruitment. She says the plan will put Kansas in a good position for economic recovery and future growth.

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