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Severe weather rocks KVOE listening area through evening hours Thursday into early morning Friday

Severe weather rocks KVOE listening area through evening hours Thursday into early morning Friday Tagan Trahoon/KVOE News

A series of severe thunderstorms brought golf-ball-sized hail, heavy rainfall and even tornadic activity to the KVOE listening area Thursday evening.

A reported tornado touchdown roughly five miles northeast of Americus brought an abrupt end to an otherwise tame severe weather season for the KVOE listening area around 9:30 pm. Damage reports are currently pending.

KVOE also received public reports of additional tornadic activity eight miles south of Council Grove roughly 30 minutes before the Americus touchdown. Further information is currently pending on that situation.

The listening area also experienced isolated thunderstorm activity which developed around 6 pm southwest of Emporia. Quarter-sized hail was reported in western Emporia before storms gradually pushed to the northeast as severe weather continued elsewhere in the KVOE listening area including in Chase, Morris and Wabaunsee counties.

Hail reports:

*Americus: Quarter-sized hail
*Cottonwood Falls: Quarter-sized hail
*Council Grove: Golf ball-sized hail
*Dunlap: Golf ball-sized hail
*Northeast Lyon County: Quarter-sized hail

Rain and flooding reports:

*KVOE studios: 1.6 inches
*Americus: 2.2 to 2.5 inches
*Bushong: 3.5 inches. Water a foot deep over Road 340
*Council Grove: Extensive flooding up to 1 foot deep

Power outages also developed north of Emporia with one affecting residents in Allen and a separate outage affecting Evergy customers in Miller, Admire and Reading. In total, close to 500 customers were offline with power being restored to the majority of customers before 1 am.

Heavy rainfall led to flooding both within Emporia and throughout Lyon County causing the Lyon County Sheriff's Office to close multiple, currently unlisted, roads.

If you have storm or rain reports call KVOE at 342-5863 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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