Flint Hills Community Health Center sheds light on rabies with World Rabies Day approaching Featured

By Payton Lapinski September 24, 2019 254

Rabies is something that is often forgotten about in society, but Flint Hills Community Health Center is working to spread awareness about this disease in the name of World Rabies Day this Saturday.

With no known cure for this viral disease, FHCHC's Environmental Director Jennifer Milburn says that it is important for individuals to understand how it spreads and how to prevent it. In countries around the world, rabies is prevalent in both domesticated and non-domesticated animals.

Milburn says while rabies is typically not at the forefront of residents minds locally, it is a constant threat.


Milburn urges those who have been bitten or scratched by an animal to wash the wound with soap and water for at least 15 minutes, and to contact a health care provider immediately.

According to Milburn, rabies is 100% preventable with the right information and the right treatment. For more information or in the event of a bite or scratch, contact FHCHC at 620-342-4864.


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