NIGHT UPDATE: South K-99 detour dries up, but area road networks take a beating after Friday's heavy rain; area near Fall River dam evacuated

Emporia and other nearby towns dealt with the impact of heavy rain and resulting flash floods Friday. Emporia and other nearby towns dealt with the impact of heavy rain and resulting flash floods Friday. Heather Whinery-Myers photo

Heavy rain returned to the KVOE listening area Friday following a two-day break.

The rain came down in sheets as a line of storms trained on the same ground for several hours.

*KVOE Studios - 1.3 inches
*Near Emporia High School - 1 inch
*Southern Emporia - 1.37 inches
*Southeastern Emporia - 2.6 inches
*Bushong - 1.2 inches
*Cedar Point - 5.25 inches
*Cottonwood Falls - 3.6 inches
*Hartford - 3.5 inches
*Madison - 2.5 inches
*Melvern - 1.25 inches
*Neosho Rapids - 2.75 inches
*Olpe - 3.25 inches
*West of Americus - 2.2 inches
*John Redmond Reservoir - 3.1 inches

County road closures have begun to be announced:

Lyon County
*2100-2200 blocks Rd 40
*170 between Y & Z
*Road 250 between Roads D & F
*Road H between Roads 130 & 140
*300 block X
*300-500 blocks Y

Chase County
Numerous county roads closed. Dispatch says many roads that are impassable are not barricaded with the county running out of blockages.

Coffey County
K58 west-northwest of Gridley
K58 at US-75 west of LeRoy impassable with water over the roadway

Greenwood County
US-54 Highway near Woodson County line

Authorities evacuating residents near Fall River dam with floodgates opening. Greenwood County Emergency Management says record amounts of water will be released from Fall River Reservoir, leading to widespread flooding -- so people near the dam, along Fall River and in the Fall River city limits need to evacuate immediately. A Red Cross shelter has been set up at Jefferson Street Baptist Church, 300 S Jefferson in Eureka.

City road closures are coming in for the surrounding areas as well:

400 block of Road 240

K99 from Madison to Highway 54

US-75 Highway closed due to flooding
Several city roads impassable

Most rivers are in flood across the KVOE listening area.

The Cottonwood is in flood from Emporia west to Cottonwood Falls.

*At Emporia, the river is at 24.86 feet, above flood stage of 20. The river may crest at 25.5 Saturday evening and not go below flood stage until Tuesday. A flood warning now goes until Tuesday night.
*At Plymouth, the river is at 33.31 feet, above flood stage of 32 feet. The river could climb to 36 feet Saturday afternoon and go below flood stage early Saturday.
*At Cottonwood Falls, the river is at 10.5 feet, above flood stage of 9 feet but below a tentative crest of 13.4 feet Wednesday. The river is falling and should go below flood stage Friday morning.

The Neosho is in flood from Neosho Rapids southeast to LeRoy.

*At Emporia, the river is at 10.6 feet. The river should go above the 19-foot flood stage Saturday evening and get to near 20 feet Sunday morning. The river could go below flood stage Sunday afternoon. A warning goes from Saturday evening to Sunday night.
*At Neosho Rapids, the river is at 25.6 feet, above flood stage of 22 feet. The river could climb to 27.2 feet Sunday morning. It may not go below flood stage until close to midnight Monday.
*At Burlington, the river is at 31.8 feet. Flood stage is 27. The river could hold steady between 31 and 32 feet for several days. The flood warning goes until further notice.
*At LeRoy, the river is at 27.18 feet, above flood stage of 23. The river could rise to 28.6 feet Saturday afternoon and dip back to 27.4 feet, or close to that mark, for several days. The river is in a flood warning until further notice.

Flood warnings continue for Chase and Greenwood counties until 10:45 am.

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If you have rain or storm reports, call KVOE at 342-1400 or message KVOE on Facebook@kvoenews.

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