County Commission fields numerous budget requests this week Featured

County Commission fields numerous budget requests this week KVOE News file photo

Lyon County commissioners are fully into the 2019 budget season.

Commissioners fielded eight separate department and allocation agency requests during their meetings this week. County Controller Dan Williams tells KVOE News the department and agency directors have a number of things they have to consider when making their budget requests.

On Wednesday:

*Clerk Tammy Vopat requested 3.5 percent increases for merit and longevity increases as well as an extra $4,000 for poll book maintenance contracts.
*Treasurer Sharon Gaede also requested additional money for pay increases as well as $5,000 for travel and related expenses.
*Sheriff Jeff Cope is requesting a $40,000 increase for law enforcement operations and another $50,000 for jail operations, but the budget also cuts $113,000 from capital outlay
*Historical Society Director Greg Jordan requested $120,000, up from his request of $115,000 last year

On Thursday:

*Americus Library asked for $41,600, up $1,000 from the 2018 request. Allen Library asked for $19,000, up $200
*County Attorney Marc Goodman requested a small increase to account for rising legal publication costs
*Kansas Legal Service asked for $14,000, up $2,000
*Lyon County Extension asked for $327,000, up over $29,000

Williams says road repairs from this winter and spring will likely come out of the current year budget, and the Highway Department may have to republish to account for ongoing expenses.

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