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LaPolice confident he can upset Marshall in race for Kansas' big first district

Alan LaPolice Alan LaPolice Courtesy photo

If you haven't noticed from the plethora of campaign ads, there's an election coming up very soon.

One of the races to be decided is in the first congressional district of Kansas where incumbent Republican Roger Marshall is running against Democrat Alan LaPolice. Marshall, who is seeking re-election is seen by many as the heavy favorite in the deeply conservative region. However, the more moderate LaPolice believes he can appeal to the undecided voters, especially those who have not registered as Republicans.

LaPolice has been actively campaigning in the first district and says Marshall needs to be held accountable based on three failed campaign promises from two years ago.

Reforming Congress is the centerpiece of LaPolice's platform and says he plans to push for term limits, campaign finance reform, ending pensions and retirement for members of Congress and he says he wants to create a bipartisan caucus to set a path to advance bipartisan legislation and a roadmap to reforming Congress. He believes Washington can be uncorrupted.

LaPolice will be campaigning in Emporia Saturday, walking in the Dia de Los Muertos parade.

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