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Lyon County has yet another positive coronavirus case.

There are 6 new positive coronavirus cases in Lyon County according to Fridays Lyon County Public Health report.

Local convenience stores are becoming a bit less convenient due to new orders issued by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. 

Separate injury accidents Friday morning have led to two people being hospitalized.

As the final shipment of personal protection equipment from the Strategic National Stockpile has arrived for Kansas, Governor Laura Kelly is hopeful they will be able to see more shipments coming in from elsewhere very soon.

If -- or more likely, when -- it's asked to expand its role across the state, the Kansas National Guard is ready.

With residents increasing their use of sanitizing wipes during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Emporia Public Works Department is asking that citizens avoid flushing them after use.

Cold overnight temperatures have set the stage for a hard freeze Saturday.

From birth to age five is the most important time for your child's brain development.

The Emporia Recreation Commission has announced there will be no spring soccer season this year due to COVID-19.

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