Newman Medical Minute


Medical Information provided to help you and your family.

Heard every Tuesday at 7:35 am on KVOE AM.

Click below to hear each segment:

Marcia Hendricks, APRN-C- Family Medicine

Anna LaSota, DO - Family Medicine

Bryce Heitman, DO - Family Medicine

Helena Stormont, APRN-C - Orthopedic's & Sports Medicine

Tim Harris, DO - Surgical Specialists

Jennifer Esau, DO - Family Medicine

Michael Lloyd, DO - Cardiology

Ryan LaSota, MD - Family Medicine

Mary Warden, APRN-C - Cardiology

Michael Yost, DO - Orthopedic's & Sports Medicine

Matthew Turner, MD - Surgical Specialists

Andrew Kneib, PA-C - Orthopedic's & Sports Medicine

Derek Brown, MD - Pediatrics

Krista Ohmie, PA-C - Cardiology

Mick Hurley, MD - Cardiology


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