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Every Friday morning at 8:15, Phil Taunton will join the KVOE Morning show and let listeners know What’s In Outdoors.

 Below you can listen to past shows and find information relating to all kinds of stuff.  ENJOY!


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Kansas Crappie Club Tournaments - More Info

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What's in Outdoors Youth Fishing Contest. 

April 23-24

Future of FH QUWF Youth Chapter YC-01 3D Archery Shoots - Flyer

May 1

Youth Fishing Tournament at Lyon County Fishing Lake - Flyer

May 7

Camp Wood Open House - www.campwood.org - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LwDlgDoCl7o 

May 7

Council Grove QUWF Youth Benefit CRAPPIE Tournament - Entry Form and Info

May 21 & 22 

Future of FH QUWF Youth Chapter YC-01 3D Archery Shoots - Flyer

May 25

Keep it a Safe Summer - 5-7:30 - Anderson Building - Lyon County Fairgrounds - Flyer

June 2 - 17

Kansas Archeology Training Program - www.kshs.org/14622 

June 11 & 12

Future of FH QUWF Youth Chapter YC-01 3D Archery Shoots - Flyer

July 16 & 17

Future of FH QUWF Youth Chapter YC-01 3D Archery Shoots - Flyer

Aug 20

Future of FH QUWF Youth Chapter YC-01 3D Archery Shoots - Flyer

Sept 3 & 4

Future of FH QUWF Youth Chapter YC-01 3D Archery Shoots - Flyer

Week of 03-25-16

  • Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach will join Phil on the show to discuss a great family day in Topeka on April 30th. And Lyon County Shooting Sport coordinator, Bev Hilbish will join us to discuss daughter Megan's participation in the recent National NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Match at Ft. Benning, Georgia.

  • 6th annual Ad Astra Archery Tournament. 

The tournament is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. April 30, 2016 at MacLennan Park in Topeka.  The tournament is sponsored by the Secretary of State’s office and the Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Department.  For the last four years we have been able to help send qualifying students to represent Kansas in the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) tournament in Kentucky.  Beyond that we have created a fun, family event where K-12th grade students can come and compete against their peers and where families can come to learn archery, fishing and shooting. 

The tournament is open to K-12th grade students who have had some archery training.  The cost to compete is $15 per student.  Each student receives a medal and a t-shirt.  Qualifying students have a chance to earn a scholarship towards expenses to attend the NASP National Championship in Kentucky.

The event itself is free and open to the public. We ask that a responsible adult accompany the students to sign an activities waiver.  Once their waiver is signed students can participate in the learn-to-shoot archery range, the Wildlife and Parks’ fishing clinic , and the Boy Scouts’ BB gun range among other physically active games and activities.

Registration Form, Tournament Rules, Flyer and more available at http://kssos.org/archery/main.html.

  • What's in Outdoors and Lyon County Hunter Education instructors would like to thank Clint Bowyer and his 79 fund supporters for his grant that allowed us to by props to use in the internet assisted Kansas Hunter Education trail test. Bird Dogs and Grizzly Bear aren't included, but you never know what you might find in the trail test! These props will help instructors in their efforts to produce safe, ethical and responsible hunters.

  • Who can identify these mystery archers?



  • What's in Outdoors/Fishing's Future at the Legislative Luncheon in Topeka on Wednesday.

Week of 03-18-16

  • Bob Arndt will join us on the show to discuss the Beau Arndt Foundation's 2016 Youth Guided Turkey Hunt. 

IMG 4694

IMG 4697

Bob Arndt in Studio

  • Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation Banquet/Auction - March 19th - info below.

Council Grove QUWF still continues to support our programs. 

They provided insurance to the Dave Hollond Hunt and the Kansas Expo/Beau Arndt Outdoor Appreciation Day and have made it possible to have National Archery in the School Programs in both Riverside Elementary and Olpe High School

IMG 20160316 0001

IMG 20160316 0003

  • Mudcat Mike's Cat fishing Excursions says the fishing is picking up as evident by this mixed creel of blue cats and wipers

Week of 03-11-16

  • This week's show will recap Phil's What's in Outdoors 2016 Geico Bassmaster Classic from Grand Lake of the Cherokees!
  • Joining the show will be Samantha Gay, a technology assistant at Green County Intermediate School in North Carolina, who shares WIO's passion with introducing youth and families to the Great Outdoors and all the good Lord has blessed us with.  

Samantha Gay, Walstonburg, North Carolina and her best friend from kindergarten, Candace Harper joined Phil and Shane Wilson, founder of Fishing's Future in the FF booth at the Bassmaster Classic Expo in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 


The following link and story is a photo album from one of Samantha's youth fishing activities. A What's in Outdoors "Tip of the Hat" to Sam and may God bless all the Samathas of the World and the children they work with! 

In Samatha's own words- "It was clear that the Lord had his hands all over this! There is no other way for something that huge to go so smoothly!"

  • Following is Chuck Samples interview with Bassmaster Legend, Brent Chapman of Lake Quiveria, Kansas from the Cox Business Center in Tulsa and the Future of Fishing, our youth. 

Brent Chapman and fans 
Remington Wagner with Casey Scanlon  
Interview coming soon
  • The Cox Business Center was "wall to wall" people and fishing legends, Jimmy Huston, Bill Dance and Hank Parker visited the Fishing's Future Booth during the 2016 Bassmaster Expo sponsored by Dicks Business Machines. 

cajun catfish3

First off, you need to catch a fish! Try to keep the fish alive or on ice until you clean it.

cajun catfish4

Cut the tail off and let the catfish bleed before filleting. Note red meat or what we call the blood line in these two pictures. And also note, that in Kansas, it is the law that all children 12 and under must wear a PFD while boating. 

cajun catfish1

Fish that are strong swimmers have a lot of this red meat. The same with waterfowl and prairie chickens, birds 

that are strong flyers with flight being their major way of getting around have darker meat than say a pheasant or quail. 

cajun catfish2

Trim the red, strong fish tasting meat and excess fat off for better tasting fish.   

Stronger swimmers like white bass, wipers, stripers, carp and drum will have more 

of this red meat. They will put a bend in your pole and smile on your face!

cajun catfish5

Try to keep filets cool at all times. I like to cut the filets into uniform pieces and deep fat fry.

cajun catfish6

My favorite is to pat the pieces dry, put a light film of yellow mustard on the pieces and then shake in your favorite mix.
Crushed cracker crumbs or crushed barbecued potato chips also make a good coating.
Plastic milk jugs make great containers to freeze fish in. Just label and cover with water for a air tight seal!

Week of 02-26-16

  • Angela Anderson,Twin Lakes WRAPS coordinator,  USD 251 School Board Member, President of The Kansas Wildlife Federation, former outreach coordinator of the David Traylor Zoo and full time mother will join us to discuss her love of the outdoors and what the KWF conference, banquet and CAP Awards dinner has in store for those in attendance at Old Town in Wichita, Feb. 26-27. 

Hope to see you there!


  • Special recognition day for our veterans and organizations that work with them in Topeka, February 23. 


  • What's in Outdoors was on the road on a fishing trip (too cold and windy for this fisherman!) and got lost going to Caney, Kansas; But the sights you see when you get off the beaten path!

Week of 02-19-16

  • Ken Kreif , Lake Kahola will join us to give an update on his study of Zebra Mussels.

zebra mussles


  • The Fishing Futures/KDWPT Fish Ks. instructor workshop is Saturday, Feb. 20th at the Flint Hills Technical College.

  • Take a Kid Fishing every opportunity!

  • Conservation Order on Snow Geese.

SnowGeese Flock2 1024 thumb1


  • Ducks Unlimited Flint Hills Dinner - Saturday Feb 27th.


Some of the prises will be as follows:
Beretta A-400 12ga, Howa 22-250 in kryptek camo, DU edition Taurus judge, DU edition Remington 597 .22, and a Marlin model 60 .22.
We will also have lots of silent and live auction items.

For dinner we will be having brisket and turkey with all the fixings, along with a $10 bottomless beer.

If anyone is planning on attending to give me a call so we can be sure to order enough food, they can still buy a ticket at the door, we just don't want to have an empty belly at the event!

Brandon Thompson

What's In Outdoors with Phil Taunton - 02-12-16


Larger Version - 

No Child Left Indoors Brochure

  • John Linquist Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever will join us for an exclusive interview concerning their Outdoor Skills program and Nik Roth, chairman of the Lyon County Chapter of Quail Forever will tell us how his chapter is already implementing these programs in our area. We will also recap the recent QF banquet and find out what is on the plate at the National Pheasant Fest Conference held at the Kansas City Convention Center, Feb. 19-21

Contact John for more information concerning the PF/QF "No Child Left Inside" initiative and Outdoor Skills Program.

John B. Linquist | National Outdoor Skills Coordinator

Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever | 919 7th St. | Sibley, IA 51249
p. (712) 754-3221 | m. (712) 253-0373 | f. (712) 754-3082 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NRA Certified Shotgun Coach, Level 1 * Certified Hunters Education Instructor * NASP Basic Archery Instructor

Forever Shooting Sports.....Shooting for Something Better!

Check us out at: www.PheasantsForever.org ♦ www.QuailForever.org ♦ www.UplandTales.org 


  • Recap of the Topeka Boat and Outdoor Show where Phil had the pleasure to do "Outside for a Better Inside" seminars and meet Bassmaster Legend Shaw Grigsby, who hosts "One More Cast" on the Outdoor Channel.

No Child Left Indoors Brochure

IMG 3892

IMG 3890


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  • Monster Sweet Potato Recipe! Courtesy of Lanne Shayes
  • Fish Salad Recipe….. Use as a dip with our favorite cracker or make a sandwich
  • http://www.crappie.com Recipes and stories.
  • Recipe courtesy of Dustin Teasley, KDWPT

Cold Pack Pickled Fish

1 quart fish (rib meat from carp, white bass or drum fillets)….makes around 3 pints.

2 medium yellow onions

3 C Kosher Salt

1 C Port Wine (White but red will work)

1 C Sugar

2 C or more of White Vinegar

2 C Water

2 Tbsp Pickling Spice

Cut meat into pieces no thicker than 1/2”. In a bowl place a layer of salt, then place a layer of fish, then cover that layer with salt. So on and so forth until you have used all the fish and then cover it with salt. Set in fridge 24 hours. Next rinse all salt off fish and place in container covering fish with white vinegar. Set in fridge 24 hours. In a sauce pan, mix 1 C port wine, 1 C sugar, 2 C vinegar, 2 C water, and 2 Tbsp pickling spice and bring to a boil and remove from heat. Clean onions and slice. Once the solution you boiled has cooled, strain out spices. In pint jars create layers of onion and fish until you reach the neck of the jar. Pour cooled solution in jar until all meat and onion is covered. Place ring and lid on jar and set in fridge 24 hours before eating.

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