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Every Friday morning at 8:15, Phil Taunton will join the KVOE Morning show and let listeners know What’s In Outdoors.

 Below you can listen to past shows and find information relating to all kinds of stuff.  ENJOY!


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Boatload of Prizes given away on What's In Outdoors (2)

The KVOE What's In Outdoors Boatload of Prizes giveaway culminated with the prize drawing during the weekly program Friday on 14 KVOE and 96.9 FM.

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Week of 12-19-14

IMG 0712

Maddy Redeker and Camden Hoelting, Olpe High School are recipients of a passel of  prizes "Just in Time for Christmas" for their contribution to the 4th Annual What's in Outdoors Outdoor Trivia story writing contest. Not pictured is Week Two  prize winner Genevieve Lowery. 


Tim Webb, area resident and  professional bass fisherman will be a guest on the show to help with the selection of What's In Outdoors Boat Load of Prizes 10 prize winners. And Phil will reveal what he, Little Mern and Psycho Sue found within 200 yard of the trunk while on a tromp for upland game birds.


Wildgame and Fish cookbook

Order by clicking here or calling 316-268-6462


Week of 12-12-14

  • Tim Donges of El Dorado and the Quality Deer Management Association will join us on the show to discuss the 2014 Deer Rifle Season and his organizations youth group known as the  Rack Pack. QDMA December Newsletter

  • The What in Outdoors Boat Load of Prizes-Just in time for Christmas fundraiser ends on Dec. 19th. 

  • FLW Pro Bass Fisherman, Tim Webb of Olpe will join us at Sutherlands on Saturday from noon until 2PM to meet with area fisherman and to swap stories. 

  • On Sunday, Nik Roth with join Phil at the Sutherland display to inform local outdoors men and bird dogs enthusiast about the newly formed Lyon County Quail Forever Chapter and their upcoming banquet on January 31 at the American Legion in Emporia.   http://www.quailforever.org/

  • A What's in Outdoors Tip of the Hat to John Hilbish and 4H shooting sports.

Last Saturday, John Hilbish worked with Isaac Cushenbery and Donald Evans, helping them sight in a slew of deer rifles and also let them also try out his daughter, Megan's .243.  Isaac spent the night with the Hilbishes. The next morning's deer hunt was unproductive, but they went back out Sunday afternoon and Isaac was able to harvest his first buck, a ten pointer that obliviously has been in a few scrapes with other bucks during the rut. Isaac was very excited. Working with kids is so much fun!!!

Pictures and story courtesy of Bev Hilbish, Lyon County 4-H Shooting Sport area coordinator. 

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Week of 12-05-14

IMG 2131

IMG 2132

IMG 2133

Larbow Cheramia 78 of Cut Off, Louisiana admires the deer he harvested on the second day of the Kansas deer rifle season. . Shown with Larbow is guide, Dave Hollond  and also friends Chris Rogers and  Dwight Gautreau from Cut Off Louisiana. Phil was a guest of Dry Creek Outfitters on Dec 4th and took part in a Cajun Deer Camp dinner.  Larbow Cheramie set the table with gumbo, red and white beans, rice, pan-fried shrimp and speckled trout. What's in Outdoors "Tip of the Hat" to Larbow, Dave and Kim Hollond for the invite. 

Photo Courtesy of Chris Rogers.

Boatload of Prizes Holiday Promotion 2014


10 names will be drawn ---and the first person drawn will get the last prize.  The last person drawn will get first choice, second to last, the second choice. Might be fun, might be a disaster. Who knows! The drawing will be Dec 19 on the What's in Outdoors show. 

Local charities taking part in this promotion are  Cooper's Carts, Camille Cooper for Breast Cancer Awareness, Vicki Triemer and Kelly, Riverside Gardens for ALS-TDI research, local scouts and Lyon County 4-H Kids, Wounded Warriors United, Wade's Ride, Gail Barrett, Wagon Wheel to provide benefits for the infant care unit at Newman Memorial Hospital and John Keolsch, Polar Plunge to benefit Special Olympics. 


Updated list of prizes:

******** $2,400 Jon Boat, including , trolling motor, battery, two fishing combos.. 

**********Two-person, one day fishing trip at Milford Lake, spring/summer of 2015 for blue cat or wipers with a noted area guide.  100 pound blue? Priceless!

*********Multi-species fishing day on Riss Lake with Phil and Brent Frazee. Brent will be at our Match Day event at the Flint Hills Mall on Dec. 1. 5PM to 7PM

*******150 dollars Big Catfish  8’ fishing rod and reel combo, shirt, hat, courtesy of Fishing's Future and Pat Mayes, Lyin County Bait Shop

*******A morning in the blind watching the “booming ground” spring mating ritual of greater prairie chickens on their lek, courtesy of Roger Wells;

*******A Camera/Sensor Back-up System courtesy of Hopkins Manufacturing, a 150 to 175 dollar value.

*******A 1983 framed Jane Partin water fowl "Print of the Year"-- courtesy of Roger Hartsook 

*******Gift certificate for clothes, including a Clint Bowyer autographed back pack for hiking, bicycling or school supplies.

*******Winchester Clay Target Thrower—Throws singles or doubles. Case of clays. Courtesy of Howard Magathan, The Window Company.

*******Etched stone portrait of a Labrador Retriever --


Donation tickets to benefit the following organizations or for any of the Emporia Community Foundation's Dec. 1 MATCH DAY participating non-profit  organizations can be obtained by going to Sutherland's Customer Courtesy Booth.


Checks need to be made out to the Emporia Community Foundation and dated Dec.1, 2014  for Match Day consideration 



Our Just in Time for Christmas "Boat Load of Prizes" will be awarded Dec. 19th on the What's in Outdoors show. 


Participating Partners include but not limited to:

Breast Cancer Awareness---A benefit for Camille Cooper and her family. Cooper's Carts 

Wade's Ride to benefit the infant care unit at Newman Memorial Hospital. Gail & Mike Barrett 

Team Schnak and the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation.

Special Olympics through Polar Plunge and SOS. John Keolsch 

ALS-TDI benefit support. Vicki and Kelly Triemer, Riverside Gardens 

Lyon County 4-H programs, Bev Hilbish, Doug and Tami Cushenbery

The National Archery in the School program. NASP Olpe High School 

Fishing's Future-----Family Fish Camps and Critter Camp Plus, Phil Taunton 

Twin Rivers Junior Shooting Sports, Dick's Machines and the TRJSS Committee

Flint Hills Chapter of QUWF, Chris Grant, Council Grove

Emporia Kiwanis.....Deb Williams, Pat Lyon 

Wounded Warriors United and NWTF Wheelin Sportsman. Fred Masters and Tom Tavigian, WWU


Thank you for your support on Match Day and a Merry Christmas to all. 

Phil Taunton  What's in Outdoors,

What's In Outdoors Trivia Contest 2014



4th Annual KVOE “What’s in Outdoors”

Outdoor Trivia Contest…Just in time for Christmas!

Just submit a “I remember or Do you remember when we did” story that shares a most memorable outdoor experience: Fishing, hiking, hunting, exploring, etc. 

Pictures are a plus but not a requirement to win.

Also, be the first one to answer the following question and win a crisp, new hundred dollar bill!  Submit your answer, along with your story to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Â">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mail story to What's in Outdoors, KVOE, P.O. Box 968 Emporia, KS. 66801. 

Question?  Phil, bird dogs, Lil Mern and Psycho Sue went on a tromp in the woods after upland game. What did they find within 200 yards of the truck?

We will announce weekly winners on Friday’s show November 28th, , December 5th, 12th and 19th. Just in time for Christmas!

Prizes include:

Shakespeare rod & reel combos


Gift Certificates

If you struggle writing a story or have any questions, Please contact Phil Taunton at 620-342-5016 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Monster Sweet Potato Recipe! Courtesy of Lanne Shayes
  • Fish Salad Recipe….. Use as a dip with our favorite cracker or make a sandwich
  • http://www.crappie.com Recipes and stories.
  • Recipe courtesy of Dustin Teasley, KDWPT

Cold Pack Pickled Fish

1 quart fish (rib meat from carp, white bass or drum fillets)….makes around 3 pints.

2 medium yellow onions

3 C Kosher Salt

1 C Port Wine (White but red will work)

1 C Sugar

2 C or more of White Vinegar

2 C Water

2 Tbsp Pickling Spice

Cut meat into pieces no thicker than 1/2”. In a bowl place a layer of salt, then place a layer of fish, then cover that layer with salt. So on and so forth until you have used all the fish and then cover it with salt. Set in fridge 24 hours. Next rinse all salt off fish and place in container covering fish with white vinegar. Set in fridge 24 hours. In a sauce pan, mix 1 C port wine, 1 C sugar, 2 C vinegar, 2 C water, and 2 Tbsp pickling spice and bring to a boil and remove from heat. Clean onions and slice. Once the solution you boiled has cooled, strain out spices. In pint jars create layers of onion and fish until you reach the neck of the jar. Pour cooled solution in jar until all meat and onion is covered. Place ring and lid on jar and set in fridge 24 hours before eating.

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