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Every Friday morning at 8:15, Phil Taunton will join the KVOE Morning show and let listeners know What’s In Outdoors.

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What's In Outdoors Calendar

Sept 11-12

Bluestem Farm and Ranch Conservation Days first Friday and Saturday in September

Sept 26-27

Kansas Hunt/Fish Expo--Beau Arndt Appreciation Day. Peter Pan Park

Sept 26-27 

WoodFest at Camp Wood - http://woodfestks.com/

November 21, 2014







  • KDWPT Video about Catfish Marking

Week of 11/14/14

  • Our Team Schnak Rockin for JDRF show is this coming Friday and Saturday from 10-3 at our building at 2281 Road P.  We have approx 300 asst rocks, KU-K.State-Emporia State, other asst colleges, Harley rocks, Hunting Rocks, sold on First come First serve basis,  and all Proceeds will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to fight Type One Diabetes, We will also be selling Team Schnak T Shirts . I will be riding in an 111 mile National JDRF  Ride in Tucson Arizona on Saturday 11-22.

WP 20141112 004

Week of 11/07/14

  • Jancy Pettit, camp director with White Memorial Camp, north shore of Council Grove Reservior will join us on the show to discuss their open house on November 15th. Fishing’s Future and Critter Camp Plus will be there to enjoy a fun day in the Great Outdoors.

 Critter Camp-Mission Valley 070

WP 20141026 001


  • Clifford Carroll will also join us on the show to discuss the annual Ethan Carroll Memorial Coyote Calling contest sponsored by the Morris County Sharp Shooters Club, November 29th



  • Phil will reflect on past upland game bird season openers.


Week of 10-24-14

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WP 20141021 022

WP 20141021 024

WP 20141023 001

Week of 10-17-14

The Emporia Area Chapter of the Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation QUWF, a conservation and youth minded organization based in Emporia for over 31 years would like to announce it has merged with the Flint Hills Chapter of QUWF.

A What’s in Outdoors “Tip of the Hat” to Ron Whitney, local sponsors, members and the many supporters for all they have accomplished through the years.

For immediate release:

The Emporia chapter of the QUWF working in cooperation with the Flint Hills Chapter of the QUWF would like to announce the merger of the two groups. Effective immediately these chapters, who have for years worked closely on conservation, youth and habitat projects, will form one entity.

There are no plans to change the overall goals or current project plans throughout the Flint Hills region and it is the belief of the committee members of both groups that the efforts of QUWF as an organization will greatly benefit from this merger.

For more information on current project plans, membership or sponsor opportunities or you just want to know more about the QUWF please contact Chris Grant, Kurtis Meierhoff, Chris Myers, or Phil Taunton for more information.

Our 2015 annual Banquet will be Saturday, February 21 at the Morris County Fair Building.

QUWF……Formed in 2009, the Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation, Inc™ (QUWF), based in Buffalo, Missouri, a rural community whose agricultural roots and moral compass reflect the core of QUWF, was organized to better focus efforts, donated dollars and partnerships on immediate and positive habitat projects to “Turn-The- Dirt“©™ for all upland wildlife. 



Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Natural Resource Officers Jesse Gehrt and Dave Adams helped kids participate in a modified National Archery in the Schools Program at Council Grove Reservoir on Saturday. More than 40 youth participated in the archery, shotgun, and pellet gun “instruction and safe handling” stations. All youth received door prizes and one lucky ‘Ambassador to the Outdoors and future hunter” walked away with a brand new .243 rifle.

The Flint Hills Chapter of Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation provided hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and refreshments for all the kids, parents, mentors and instructors.

239 Kansas Schools are now enrolled in the National Archery in the Schools Program---

line of archers

line of archer2

Experience archery---It provides a lifetime of fun, enjoyment and friendly competition for all ages.

Olpe High School will host a NASP workshop on October 27th.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism and NASP training instructors will host a National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) Basic Archery Instructor’s Workshop at Olpe High School, October 27th. The purpose of the workshop is to train and certify educators from Olpe, Hartford, Reading and other local schools as NASP Archery Instructors.

Kansas entered the NASP program in 2006 and the program has grown steadily since. State and National tournaments are held every year, rewarding all participants with a medal, and top scoring archers with prizes ranging from brand new bows to academic scholarships. The National Archery in the Schools Program allows students who might not otherwise engage in traditional sports to participate. Students with special challenges, who cannot participate in the traditional team sports, have excelled in archery and love to participate.  

The NASP program is second only to table tennis in safety in high school sports in the U.S. Local schools already involved in the NASP program are Northern Heights, Emporia and Osage City.

Olpe High School’s NASP program will be completely funded by KDWPT and the Flint Hills Chapter of the Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation. Schools and interested instructors may contact the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism at (620) 672-5911 for more information concerning the NASP Program and the October 27th workshop. Donations to help fund the National Archery in the School programs in other schools would be greatly appreciated. 

Week of 10-10-14

  • Pat Riese, KDWPT District Biologist will join us to discuss the Quail Initiative Habitat Tour and Dinner, October 21at the Melvern Wildlife Area. We will also cover the 2014-2015 Kansas upland game bird hunting forecast. To learn more about the Quail Initiative and to reserve a place for the habitat tour and/or meal, call 620-342-0658 by October 15th.

If you cannot attend, but would like to know more about the initiative and what we need to do to increase habitat for quail, call Pat at 620-583-5049.



  • Officer on the Train….

The largest beast that roams the face of North America and easily recognized by its track…… is a train!

What’s in Outdoors would like to give a “Tip of the Hat” to Lisa Sage, Administrative Sergeant

Emporia Police Department, Julie LaCombe, OLI Kansas Executive Director, Abilene and Rod McGee, Guthrie, Oklahoma for their Officer on a Train activity last Wednesday.  Please remember when you are out and about, that Anytime is Train Time.

20141008 173135

Lisa Sage and Julie LaCombe shown with Emporia Police and Lyon County Sheriff officers participating in the Officer on a Train, railway safety exercise.


20141008 172809

Railroad employees are required to wear special gear, including safety glasses, gloves, protective booth and reflective clothing while working around trains. Such gear is called personal protective equipment or PPE.  


20141008 165650

View from the cab of an engine.   Trains cannot stop suddenly. Railroad right of ways are private property.  The only place you can legally cross a track is at a public crossing or walkway.

Please remember to Look, Listen and Live!

Photos courtesy of Jacob Welsh

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  • Monster Sweet Potato Recipe! Courtesy of Lanne Shayes
  • Fish Salad Recipe….. Use as a dip with our favorite cracker or make a sandwich
  • http://www.crappie.com Recipes and stories.
  • Recipe courtesy of Dustin Teasley, KDWPT

Cold Pack Pickled Fish

1 quart fish (rib meat from carp, white bass or drum fillets)….makes around 3 pints.

2 medium yellow onions

3 C Kosher Salt

1 C Port Wine (White but red will work)

1 C Sugar

2 C or more of White Vinegar

2 C Water

2 Tbsp Pickling Spice

Cut meat into pieces no thicker than 1/2”. In a bowl place a layer of salt, then place a layer of fish, then cover that layer with salt. So on and so forth until you have used all the fish and then cover it with salt. Set in fridge 24 hours. Next rinse all salt off fish and place in container covering fish with white vinegar. Set in fridge 24 hours. In a sauce pan, mix 1 C port wine, 1 C sugar, 2 C vinegar, 2 C water, and 2 Tbsp pickling spice and bring to a boil and remove from heat. Clean onions and slice. Once the solution you boiled has cooled, strain out spices. In pint jars create layers of onion and fish until you reach the neck of the jar. Pour cooled solution in jar until all meat and onion is covered. Place ring and lid on jar and set in fridge 24 hours before eating.

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