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Every Friday morning at 8:15, Phil Taunton will join the KVOE Morning show and let listeners know What’s In Outdoors.

 Below you can listen to past shows and find information relating to all kinds of stuff.  ENJOY!


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What's In Outdoors Calendar


Dec 17-18  Final Kansas Crappie Club Tournament of the Year, Hillsdale Lake.


All Year Kansas Crappie Club Tournaments - More Info
Jan 27-29  Monsterbucks...What's in Outdoors "Outside for a Better Inside" Booth.  Kansas Expocentre, Topeka   Iowa Showcase Productions - Flyer
Feb 3-5   
Topeka Boat and Outdoor Show   Mobile Aquarium,  KDWPT Fish Ks presentations and What's in Outdoors seminars - 

              Kansas Expocentre, Topeka    RJ Productions - Flyer

Feb 6-8 & 14-16 National fisheries conference in Olathe, KDWPT Fish Ks and Fishing's Future,
Feb 25 

Fish Ks instructor certification workshop and FF State  Chapter meeting KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY 

May 6  Youth Aquatic Education Day - Family/youth/outdoor mentor outdoor appreciation and aquatic education - Santa Fe Trail Park, Council Grove Reservoir. 
Late May  Keep it a Safe Summer, KISS event, Lyon County Fairgrounds 
June  Kansas Wildlife Federation  OAC Camp....Tommie and Teresa Berger 
June 7-9  WILD Kansas.....Steve Woolf   State Conference, Rock Springs Ranch 

Sept 30, 2017

WoodFest 2017 - http://woodfestks.com/

Week of 08-12-16

  • Tom Bigford, Director of Policy, American Fisheries Society will join us on the show to discuss the Society's 2016 annual get together at The Kansas Convention Center in Kansas City, August 21-25.

For more information about the convention and The American Fisheries Society, please visit http://fisheries.org/

  • Joe Bragg, Kansas Crappie Club and Patriot Jig Works reports the crappie are biting despite the hot weather.
    These fish were caught Wednesday at Lake Perry

joe bragg

joe bragg2

More about Joe, youth fishing opportunities and the Kansas Crappie Club's benefit crappie tournaments can be found on Facebook. Search Kansas Crappie Club

  • A What's in Outdoors Tip of the Hat to George Weber Jr. and Keith Burton-Weber's Wonders and Big Wings, Great Bend, Kansas for their generous donation of sand hill crane and Canada goose decoys to use as teaching aids in Critter Camp Plus and Lyon County Hunter Education classes.

YouTube Video

goose big wings


Week of 08-05-16

IMG 7487

IMG 7489

  • Save the Buffalo!

Save the Buffalo and Get "Outside for a Better Inside!"

I just love active, passionate people and critters! This year at Midwest Hunt Fest, I had the privilege to meet the What's in Outdoors, Fishing's Future, KDWPT Fish KS team of dedicated volunteers and instructors.

Their mission of passing the heritage and tradition of the Great Outdoors to children, families, and our returning veterans attracted me to their booth. 

There, I couldn't help but notice a majestic, though unresponsive buffalo being part of the Critter Camp Plus display. The buffalo, which is actually a bison was only about a third of the grand animal he once was. He had no feet, legs, no rear end and no back--- which proved quite alarming to me. 

No back means no spine. And all my friends know,  a nice healthy, properly aligned spine is another thing I am most passionate about!

I had no choice but to try and provide relief to my new found fuzzy friend. My problem is, I am not a doctor, but often forget this because I spend so much time telling people about my favorite spine fixer, Dr. Taylor Wilbeck  DC. 

I would never attempt to adjust people, wild or domesticated animals since I am not certified and have been warned by Dr. Wilbeck that doing so could result in a lawsuit. But the bison was just staring at me and I felt I had no choice but to give him some relief.

My efforts were unsuccessful because the spine requires all vertebrates to be present and accounted for in order to function properly. And he was just a head.

It was a sad day for both me and Mr. Buffalo. 

That's when the What's in Outdoors team  swooped in to console me. They informed me this buffalo was just a display mount and there was no hope to revive it, despite my efforts. They told me they too were trying to save and conserve wildlife by teaching our youth the Heritage and Traditions of the Great Outdoors.

What a learning experience it was for all involved!

Do you know cell phones are a huge factor in creating bad posture, along with various neck and shoulder issues in children?  Electronic gadgetry is also keeping the kids from exploring Nature and being active outside. If we don't teach our children how amazing and fascinating wildlife, wild spaces and everything the Lord has given us is, we have no hope of getting them outside. Their future and that of all wildlife depend on just that.

I stand behind the What's in Outdoors "Outside for a Better Inside" initiative 110%  

And to properly stand, you need a healthy spine. 

So, kiss the kids, love your spine, seek relief if you are in pain and get outside people!!!

Yours Truly, Mandy


  • The Fishing's Future National Catch, Photo and Release contest ends August 6 and Shorty is still hauling them in!





  • Phil's Good Friday.   Tyler Armstrong 12 of Yorba Linda, California, grandson of Rue Armstrong, Topeka will be featured on the Today Show, Extreme Kids, Sunday, 0800-0900. Tyler has climbed four of the seven great summits and will do Mt. Everest in the near future.  Tyler is also an spokesman for Cureduchenne, a type of muscular dystrophy. www.TopwithTyler.com

Thanks Tyler for what you do....

Week of 07-29-16




  • Coffey County Fair

What's In Outdoors with Phil Taunton - 07-15-16

  • Frank Haidusek, crappie fisherman extraordinaire will join the What's in Outdoors show to talk vertical jigging in timber and his love for tournament fishing. 

    Frank's team currently ranks 17 in a field for 400 plus in the for the Bass Pro Shop's Crappie Master's Al American Tournament Trail Angler Team of the Year Race. 


  • Recap of What's in Outdoors, Critter Camp Plus activity during Cabela's Family Great Outdoor Adventure Day with Weston Orender, Rue Armstrong, Sherri Henderson Withers and our 2016 What's in Outdoors Fund Scholarship awardee, Joe Petty of Shawnee Mission South High School.

Sherri Henderson Dithers, Pictures by Sherri


  • Purple coneflowers and sunflowers from the WIO Wild Space garden will soon play host to a variety of feeding songbirds!






  • Catch of the Week

While fishing for bluegill, Richard Upshaw, Salina, Kansas got quite a surprise when a 12 to 15 pound snapping turtle took his offering!
Flatheads from 10.5 to 18 pounds and several channel cats fell for the bluegill Richard caught.

richard upshaw1

richard upshaw2

richard upshaw3

richard upshaw4

richard upshaw5

richard upshaw6


What's In Outdoors with Phil Taunton - 07-08-16

  • Celebrating the 4th of July with family and friends!







  • Catfish on Parade





  • Friends for over 65 years, brothers Gary and Richard Upshaw joined disabled veteran Joe Bragg for some successful crappie fishing over the 4th.



  • A blue heron was a regular visitor to Phil's john boat being used as both a live well and "Minnow Bucket!"

IMG 6824

IMG 6799

Week of 06-24-16

  • Recap of KDWPT Great Outdoor Day and Governor's Campout at El Dorado State Park.






Miss Kansas pictures courtesy of KDWPT.

  • Angler Education Instructor Certification Course - July 19  - See calendar above

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  • Monster Sweet Potato Recipe! Courtesy of Lanne Shayes
  • Fish Salad Recipe….. Use as a dip with our favorite cracker or make a sandwich
  • http://www.crappie.com Recipes and stories.
  • Recipe courtesy of Dustin Teasley, KDWPT

Cold Pack Pickled Fish

1 quart fish (rib meat from carp, white bass or drum fillets)….makes around 3 pints.

2 medium yellow onions

3 C Kosher Salt

1 C Port Wine (White but red will work)

1 C Sugar

2 C or more of White Vinegar

2 C Water

2 Tbsp Pickling Spice

Cut meat into pieces no thicker than 1/2”. In a bowl place a layer of salt, then place a layer of fish, then cover that layer with salt. So on and so forth until you have used all the fish and then cover it with salt. Set in fridge 24 hours. Next rinse all salt off fish and place in container covering fish with white vinegar. Set in fridge 24 hours. In a sauce pan, mix 1 C port wine, 1 C sugar, 2 C vinegar, 2 C water, and 2 Tbsp pickling spice and bring to a boil and remove from heat. Clean onions and slice. Once the solution you boiled has cooled, strain out spices. In pint jars create layers of onion and fish until you reach the neck of the jar. Pour cooled solution in jar until all meat and onion is covered. Place ring and lid on jar and set in fridge 24 hours before eating.

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