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          Sunday evening Bobbi and I returned from a long day watching the Royals and grandson Isaac play baseball to find the TV offerings limited until I noticed Memorial Day Concert listed on PBS.

          Thinking good music and patriotism I gave it a try. Wow and wow! It was good so more on the concert later.

          Steve Sauder is not a veteran, but he is well aware of the sacrifices made by his friends that did serve and hopefully is appreciative to a proper level.

          I often wonder if fortunate is the right word to describe my not serving in the military. By virtue of passing only 11 hours at KU my second semester, I did qualify to be drafted and did ride the train to Kansas City and did take the standard pre-induction physical exam.

          I carried with me that day a note from Dr. Lohmeyer who had recently performed surgery on my left knee saying I had "a 10% permanent disability" from my knee injury.

          Had I passed that physical I would have faced the same decision many of my friends we facing - be drafted, enlist or join the National Guard. Obviously, my life would have been altered in a major way.

          So, on occasions like Memorial Day, I am reminded that there were many who did serve and that I - like many others are indebted to them in a way not easily described, so a heartfelt thank you is the best I can offer.

          That brings us back to that Memorial Day Concert on PBS.

          Bobbi and I watched it without comment from nearly an hour and we both wiped tears away on several occasions.

          This concert told stories from most of the conflicts in which Americans have been involved. They offered facts about timelines and numbers of lives lost using re-enactments by professional actors to tell about the thoughts and experiences of veterans and survivors. They were amazingly effective.

          One portrayed the young widow of a soldier killed in Iraq. She said her husband who had enlisted promised her he'd call her every day which she said: "he did until the day he didn't." She said she made up excuses for not getting his call until the next day when she got the call she was dreading.

          We do a great deal in Emporia to honor our veterans as we should. I hope I am never guilty of taking their service for granted. Veterans deserve far more than they have gotten so let's keep honoring them, not just on Memorial Day or Veterans Day, but on every day.

          Finally, about that Memorial Day Concert that touched Bobbi and me so much - it is available online at Once more at Have your tissues handy because it is very emotional.

          Thank you veterans for your service.

          I am a very humble Steve Sauder.


          We have just finished the commencement season with many graduates listening to many speeches offering sage advice for their futures.

          Several years ago I gave such a speech and used words attributed to Winston Churchill saying "Change is the master key."

          My understanding of those words was literal as I personally changed my path over a dozen times before starting Valu-Line - the Long Distance Company in 1981 at age 35.

          Point being: if your job or life situation isn't working for you do not be afraid to make a change. Life is too short to not enjoy what we do.

          Funny thing - though - when Googling "Change is the master key," I can't find it attributed to Churchill or anyone!

          What I have found are some interesting quotes from the former highly respected British statesman.

Churchill did say these things about change and planning:

  • There is nothing wrong with change if it is in the right direction.
  • To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.
  • Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.

On courage and success he said:

  • It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required.
  • Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.
  • Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.
  • Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Churchill was not a fan of socialism having said!

  • Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

He was also an optimist:

  • The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.

Churchill had a wonderful sense of humor:

  • Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way they look forward to the trip.
  • If you are going through hell, keep going.
  • You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else.

And maybe Winston Churchill's most prolific quotation:

  • We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give. I think that’s worth repeating: Churchill said, We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.

          History treats Churchill with great respect and his words illustrate he is deserving.

          I'm Steve Sauder


Today some random and unrelated thoughts to share.
First about Sleep Apnea? I assume you've heard of it? Its key symptom is excessive daytime sleepiness. Things like falling asleep watching TV, at stop lights and just generally being tired during the day.
If those are familiar you may want to ask your doctor for help. I did almost twenty years ago and was diagnosed and three times provided with a breathing machine. Most are called C-PAPs. It is designed to help patients breath better at night and mitigate somewhat their sleep apnea symptoms.  
It took three different sleep studies to finally tie down my problem which turned out to be more complex than the garden variety meaning I needed a Bypath machine.
The result is I now sleep six or seven hours a night using my machine and I feel more rested than ever.
That's it! A simple testimonial for asking your Doc for help if you have the symptoms mentioned above. Sweet dreams!
Now I stole the following from FaceBook. Some uplifting thoughts paraphrased about starting your day.
  • WAKE UP and decide to have a good day! One positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.
  • DRESS UP - the best effort here starts with a smile.
  • LOOK UP to the Lord. He never said it would be easy only worth it!
  • REACH UP for something higher! Why not shoot for the moon every day?
  • LIFT UP YOUR PRAYERS! When life puts you on your knees you are in a perfect position to pray.
  • BRIGHTEN UP someone else's day! Even the smallest favors can stimulate a heart.
  • NEVER GIVE UP - when one door closes another usually opens.
You can be AWESOME today - if you’ll try.
Now, finally, a short prayer is taken from the book entitled: The Greatest Salesman in the World.
Oh Lord, I ask not for gold or garments or even opportunities equal to my abilities; instead, guide me so that I may acquire ability equal to my opportunities. Amen.
Maybe that was just a play on words but how much better off might we be if we were granted: abilities equal to our opportunities?
And the congregation said, "Amen!"
And I'm Steve Sauder


          Sunday at my church the sermon title was (I’m paraphrasing) How do you smell to God?

          Do you know there are like 14 references to “fragrance” in the Bible?

          Pastor Karla asked the congregation to suggest things that smell good to them and then the reverse.

          This exercise was hard for me having lost my sense of smell about 10 years ago.

          I do remember the pleasing smell of cinnamon rolls from the Dolly Madison plant and soybeans from East Sixth. Bad milk, old garbage and of course the packing plant would be my not so pleasing list.

          If our Pastor had asked me Sunday for a good smell I would have offered that my dad thought crude oil was a pleasing smell while many others would disagree just like the smell of cow manure probably pleased Buster Wheat, Olma Peak, and Girdner Crowfoot while others would disagree.

          Guess we will agree to disagree on what might be a pleasant fragrance.

          The so-call “smell test” on the other hand is a little more subjective. It’s defined as an informal method for determining whether something is authentic, credible or ethical using common sense instead of our nose.

          Youngsters plan for the evening that has questions for patents may not pass their “smell test.”

          Without hard facts let me discuss the actions of the Kansas Legislature over the weekend as it pertained to Medicaid Expansion.

          For me, their actions did not pass my “smell test.”

          Medicaid Expansion would make affordable health care available to well over one hundred thousand Kansans who currently do not have insurance for a variety of reasons.

          Is this proposal perfect? Far from it, and it will cost the state an unknown amount of money. It also will help some who don’t deserve help and there are other possible hidden challenges.

          But, the status quo is not working. Expansion is a better solution, but we cannot get it through the legislature even though a majority in both the House and Senate and the Governor support the plan.

          Senate leadership is opposed and under their rules has successfully kept Medicaid Expansion from being voted on in the Senate.

          Over the weekend a coalition of House Democrats and moderate Republicans attempted not supporting the proposed budget as a way to force a vote. This seemed to be working but eventually failed.

          A sizable majority of Kansans support Medicaid Expansion yet it can’t even get voted on in the Senate!

          This whole deal fails miserably to pass my “smell test!” I hope you agree and let our leaders know.

          I’m Steve Sauder and there’s something to think about.

Sunday morning KVOE ran an ad from the National Association of Broadcasters promoting radio and what a great tool it is for both advertisers and listeners.

          That ad made we think it's probably time for me to be proactive and promote our stations in terms of their value to our advertisers and listeners.

          At KVOE our goal has always been to be a servant to our community. Meaning we want to help involve and inform our listeners about everything going on in the Emporia area.

          For advertisers, the proof is in the pudding. No other medium can match KVOE's reach in the Emporia trade area.

          As the RAB ad says radio reaches more people than any other method and radio is best equipped to target the advertiser's desired audience.

          ROI means return on investment and again radio wins this battle.

          Just ask the savviest advertisers in Emporia and they will tell you to get your message delivered locally - KVOE is your best bet.

          NOW with my commercial message delivered let me share the rest of the story.

          As committed as KVOE is to being a good option for our advertisers we may be even better at delivering the news, weather, and sports.

          And without any doubt, KVOE is the best-est way ever in Emporia for groups promoting events to get the word out.

          News! If there is a way for us to get better please share it with me. Bragging? Probably, but Chuck and his gang are pretty cotton pickin' good! Throw in weather coverage and we are off the chart!

          Same can be said for Greg Rahe and sports. In fact, I'll challenge you to show me a radio station anywhere covering more local sports than we do.

          Then we come to helping groups, clubs, teams, individuals, causes and well just about anyone wanting publicity for their not for profit event.    Ron Thomas makes his morning show available for interviews for anyone with something worthwhile to promote and our talk show line up is designed to explore topics of interest across the board.

          As our spot says - if you aren't buying advertising elsewhere we'll help you promote your event.

          I know! It’s time to get off my soapbox, but Radio does work and my radio stations are dedicated to serving our clients and listeners.

          Proud? You bet!

          I'm Steve Sauder

The infamous Mueller Report has finally been released. Today let's examine what we actually know and then what we think should happen next.

          We now know:

  • That Russia DID interfere with our Presidential election in 2016.
  • That the Russian's wanted to help Donald Trump get elected.
  • That the Trump campaign organization was aware of the Russian's efforts and they eagerly and knowingly accepted the Russian help.
  • We don't know if Trump's failure to inform the FBI about the Russian help was a crime or just bad judgment.
  • We do know that even though Mueller found many connections between the Russian's and Trump no indictments were issued against the Trump group for collusion or conspiracy.
  • We do know that Volume II of the Mueller Report is far more damaging to President Trump.
  • We do know that President Trump's reaction to the Special Counsel being appointed was to say "his presidency was over and he was  "F----- d." That was pretty revealing!
  • We do know the Mueller Report documents numerous efforts by President Trump to stop, impede, derail or obstruct the investigation.
  • We do know the President was mostly unsuccessful in his attempts to slow down the investigation often being saved by associates refusing to follow his orders.
  • We do know Volume II illustrates an extremely disrupted White House.
  • We do know Mueller concluded he could not indict NOR exonerate the President of Obstruction.
  • We do know Mueller suggested Congress should make the next move.

          Which brings me to today and the obvious question:

What should that "next move" by Congress be?

          My personal hope is that their next move IS NOT a protracted investigation of this already heavily studied situation which has been completed much to the ongoing discomfort of most Americans.

          The time has come for Congress to either FISH OR CUT BAIT.

          If Congress has sufficient evidence to prove Obstruction of Justice against Donald Trump then they should start impeachment proceedings immediately.

           If not – then move on - stop talking about the past and start finding a way forward.

          Any other strategy is unacceptable.

          It's time to heal.

          I'm Steve Sauder and there's something to think about.

Bobbi and I spent the last 5 months in Palm Desert, California, but it’s always great to get home.

California is our vacation time. We stay in one place because my mobility limits us. Many of our friends go on cruises and other excursions, but walking is typically required and that's a problem for me.

Palm Desert is located in the Coachella Valley in southern California about 100 miles from Los Angles and San Diego near the Salton Sea. The famous San Andreas Fault crosses the valley which is surrounded by several mountain ranges including the Chocolate Mountains.

Population in the valley which contains resorts cities like Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Indio, La Quinta, Indian Wells, and Cathedral City ranges from 200,000 in the hot summer to over a million people in January!

Our fascination with Palm Desert has buoyed the people who come from all over the world. Many "snowbirds" like us spend 3 to six months in this beautiful area that supports about 125 golf courses.

Many of our friends are Canadians who typically spend six months in the U.S. As a side note they often tell us life in the U.S.A. is far superior to life in Canada with health care being a major factor. Bernie Sanders supporters might take note.

We lease a nice condo in a development which supports a beautiful golf course, extensive tennis facility, a gym and dozens of swimming pools. We see no reason to ever purchase property in California.

Weather is the desert’s biggest asset. I'd tell you about how this year's weather was the worst we've experienced, but compared to the weather in Emporia over the past five months I'll remain silent.

On Valentines Day the valley did receive nearly four inches of rain causing massive flooding in an area that typically gets about 5 inches of rain in a year. Six golf courses were literally washed away.

We found a wonderful Methodist church in the valley several years ago and enjoy that affiliation a great deal.

Traffic in the valley is amazingly efficient. With the giant influx of people in the winter, you'd think it would be awful, but my comparison is that the traffic is worse than Emporia’s but much better than Kansas City’s.

Hosting guests is one of our favorite things, but during our recent stay, we really outdid ourselves with no less than 40 friends and family spending time with us.

Bobbi and I were excited to get home Sunday despite both returning with colds. The California desert is really nice and we know we are blessed to be able to vacation there, but Emporia is our home and always will be.

I'm Steve Sauder


Bill Linhart was a special person. His death yesterday ended a sad story involving cancer in its ugliest form.

            Bill grew up in Waverly. Played basketball at the College of Emporia where he was an amazing shooter. I remember a 44 point game before there were 3 pointers!

            He coached several places including Hartford before coming to Emporia High where in his final year led the Spartans to a second place finish in 6A State.

            Billy was also an excellent teacher of government and history at EHS where he retired a few years ago.

            Bill added refereeing to his work list and became one of the best basketball officials anywhere. He moved from high school to college and was being begged to keep blowing his whistle into his seventies!

            This is where Bill Linhart's story becomes unreal.

            A little over a year ago he was calling a championship college game in Wichita when he did a couple of unusual things on the court. They stopped play and determined Bill needed help.

            After being checked over he even drove himself home. In the few days, it was discovered Billy had a brain tumor. He had surgery and an optimistic prognosis but a few months ago the tumor was back with no solution.

            Many knew Bill as he had worked at the Emporia Golf Course and recently at the Country Club. His energy level was epic. While painting my house I observed him run up the ladder.

            Bill is survived by his wife Sharon and 2 daughters.

            I would be remiss if I didn't mention the passing of Mike Turnbull and Kirby Smith as well.

            Mike was well known for his love of the Emporia community.

            Kirby and I go way back to Kid's Wrestling and the Jaycees. Kirby was a doer and his work for Habitat For Humanity is legendary.

            Don't know if there is a carpool to heaven but Emporia just sent 3 good additions.

            Rest in peace gentlemen.


            Today will be my last "Something to Think About" for a while. Bobbi and I are headed to the desert in California to escape weather like the past ten days here at home!

            Physical challenges make vacations like our friends are taking impossible for me. Trips like cruises and vacations requiring a lot of walking are out, so going west for the winter is our game.

            You might have noticed I said away from "home" because Emporia is home and always will be! We lease in California and always will!

            The big reason we can be gone is that of the quality people we work with here at KVOE, at the Candlewood, at ValuNet and son James gets credit too.

            Ron Thomas is a leader whose work ethic is so impressive his co-workers simply follow his example. Tim Miller, Greg Rahe, Scott Hays, Sean Thornton, and Chuck Samples are not only outstanding veteran broadcasters they are the envy of other radio stations. Throw in KVOE's other excellent announcers, our crack sales force and Terri and Kari in the front office and you have a super organization.

            ValuNet delivers high-quality Internet, HDTV and phone service over fiber that isn't just the best in Emporia or Kansas it's as good as you can find anywhere - worldwide!

            Credit Rick Tidwell and Stormy Supiran with awesome vision and leadership at ValuNet with incredible support from pros like Jelinda  Watts, Stephanie Green, Tom Mains, Christy Miller, and Jacob Hill. Fact is: all 32 on ValuNet's team are winners.

            And don't forget Bob Agler! He's retired now, but his fingerprints are everywhere as he taught most of us about hard work, integrity, and accountability.

            The Candlewood? It just keeps rolling. Our veteran and very dedicated housekeeping staff keep our facility the cleanest in E-Town. That's not bragging cause that's what our guests tell us.

            Kurtis Bryan is our new General Manager and his first few months indicate he's a keeper.

            Son James gets credit for vision too as his Hidden Vistas new home addition is a home run of giant proportions. His leadership in things really makes us proud.

            Susan Grother is a name you may not recognize. She started in the office at KVOE over 30 years ago and has stayed with us in many ways.  Today she's the glue tying all our endeavors together. She's the best!

            Some may wonder where Erren Harter fits in. Not long ago someone  asked me "what does Harter do for you?' Before I could answer someone said "a lot" but I corrected him saying "no, he does everything!"

            Officially Erren's title is Promotion Manager at KVOE, but also manages IT, HR, Insurance, United Way, Pack the Pantry and anything else we need. He has his finger in everything I am involved with and my family. There are no words to describe his worth, knowledge and skill.

            Erren Harter is trusted beyond description.

            So, you see we can be gone for a while because we are truly blessed. Have a great Holiday, see you in the Spring.

            I’m Steve Sauder


I prepared this talk on Election Day. While I have no idea how this rather nasty event ends, I do know unless our elected leaders start finding the gumption to act on behalf of their constituents rather than for their party our future as Kansans and Americans will be less than we are hoping for.

          In his book Gumption, Nick Offerman tells about the gumption shown by the founders of America - Washington, Jefferson, Franklin,  Hamilton, Madison, and others.

          He wrote, "The magnificent sons of bitches who founded our United States truly brandished a courage that is hard to fathom.......they saw the extremely rare opportunity to create a new American experiment."

          They were "faced with the choice of either a continued subservience to an overweening Mother England or a gathering of their colonial brass balls in their mitts with which to cast off the taxing yoke of England's imperial control."

          "These forward thinkers envisioned a nation ruled "by the people, for the people," founded on notions like "liberty and justice for all."

          Offerman added some irony to his thoughts "Not only were our fledgling American government and society crafted by human beings but further it must be noted with appropriate gravity, by all white dudes." and "the Declaration of Independence was composed, ratified and signed by several Caucasian men, some of whom owned a great many slaves."

          The stories of Americans showing the gumption to change the course of history with their bold deeds and powerful actions is present in every chapter of our country’s amazing story.

          But today America seems to be hogtied by a lack of courage and leadership from our powerful leaders both in Washington and to a lesser degree in Topeka.

          President Trump calls himself a Republican, but his actions leave much to be desired when compared to Republican leaders of the past.

          I am asking our elected Kansas leaders like Jerry Moran, Pat Roberts, and Roger Marshall when will you stand up and speak out against our President's obvious lack of truthfulness and morality?

          And my friends on the other side while your leader's task is admittedly more difficult what we need from them are fresh ideas and a willingness to compromise not just opposition.

          Gumption has been an attribute of great Americans since our founding. It appears to me time is starting to run short for a new breed of "magnificent sons of bitches" to step forward.

          I'm Steve Sauder and there something to think about!