Wednesday I received an email from my Congressman Roger Marshall that started with this heading: Cowardly Shifty Schiff.

          He was referring of course to California Congressman Adam Schiff who is actively investigating President Trump.

          I'm not impressed by either our President or Congressman Schiff, but I was disheartened by Roger Marshall's choice of words and sent him the following email to complain.

          Congressman Marshall, please don’t join your leader by using childish nicknames to berate your opponents.

        "Cowardly Shifty Schiff," is not an adult comment. Thanks 

          I have lots of concerns with our President. Near the top of my list is his practice of tearing down his opponents with very un-complimentary nicknames. That is a juvenile habit for which children are often disciplined.

          Like I said previously I'm not a big Adam Schiff fan either, but cowardly?

          Representative Marshall, calling Schiff "cowardly" in my book makes you by definition a demagogue. You can look up a demagogue for yourself. It is not intended to be a flattering term.

          Representative Marshall you are working to become Senator Marshall and it's obvious you are tying yourself as tightly as possible to President Trump. That is probably a good strategy in Kansas, but my hope is you might reconsider mimicking Trump's practice of putting his opponents down using ugly rhetoric.

          Heck, that could be a refreshing change for both you and our President.

          O, and by the way, Roger Marshall has not responded to my email.

          I'm Steve Sauder and There's Something to Think About.

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