Tens of thousands of high school students recently skipped school to protest inaction on climate change in an event called the U. S. Youth Climate Change Strike.
One observer suggested before today's youngsters skipped school over this issue they might consider changing some of their personal habits saying:
 You are the first generation who required air-conditioning in every
 You expect a TV in every room and your classes are all computerized.
 You spend almost every waking hour on your electronic devices.
 More than ever, you don't walk or ride bikes to school but arrive in
caravans of private cars.
 You are the biggest consumers of manufactured goods ever!
 You update perfectly good expensive luxury items just to stay trendy.
So, if you are really serious about affecting the environment?
 Tell your teachers to shut off the AC!
 Walk, ride a bike or take the bus or carpool to school.
 Switch off your phone and try reading a book or taking a hike.
 Eat less manufactured food.
 Do your own research so as not to rely on others for all your facts.
Back in my day, we skipped school about Viet Nam, the length of our hair, how loud we played our music and even when we won a football game. 
Today it's climate change which is a very serious question. Not so much as to its existence, but more to - what can we actually do about it?
And that is certainly Something to Think About.
I'm Steve Sauder

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