Great news for taxpayers in the Emporia School District!

          The delay in voting on the $78 million bond issue will likely save us, taxpayers, a bundle of money - millions, yes I said millions of dollars over the 28-year life of the bonds.

          There are two reasons.

          Interest rates on bonds have decreased resulting in major savings and Hill's Pet Food's property tax exemption is expiring.

          Previously the projected increase in the taxes on that proverbial $100,000 home necessary to cover the principal and interest on the $78 million bond was $33.96 a year. The new projection lowers the increase to only $5.76 per YEAR!

          That means, YES, if the bond issue passes your school taxes will increase, but only by 48 cents a month on a hundred thousand dollar home.

          Conversely, if this bond issue fails your school taxes could decrease when the current bond is retired.

          BUT, the consequences of failing to make these important improvements to every school building in the district would be a mistake.

          Safety is the most important item. Access to every school needs to be as secure as possible, especially in these times.

          The other projects are well thought out including required better storm shelters, more useable space for our special needs kids plus updating things like science labs built in the 1970s at the high school. The requested projects are needs not wants.

          Superintendent Kevin Case and his people have done a tremendous job of sharing information and making all buildings involved open for inspection including open houses at many schools this Sunday afternoon.           No one can claim a lack of transparency on this issue.

          Oh yea, speaking of transparency the Hill's benefit will happen - win or lose.

          It looks to me like failure to approve this opportunity would be "Looking a gift horse in the mouth!"

          Then again if we fail to pass this bond issue and one of those unthinkable events happens at one of our schools we can always rationalize saying "well we did lower our taxes even if we didn't secure the entrance to that school."

          A 48 cent monthly tax increase on a hundred thousand dollar home! That's a great offer!

          I'm Steve Sauder, please vote!

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