Life is just too cotton-picking’ serious these days so let’s have some fun.

            My teacher asked me to name my favorite animal?

            My answer was fried chicken.

            She said, "That’s not funny," but she must have been wrong cause everyone laughed!

            I told my dad and he said my teacher was probably a member of PETA and they love animals very much.

            Well, I do too! Especially chicken, pork and beef. Anyway, she sent me to the principal's office.

            He laughed too and told me not to do that again.

            Next day my teacher asked me about my favorite live animal?

            I said the chicken because you can make it into fried chicken!

            Back to the principal's office with the same result - he laughed and told me not to do that again.

            I'm not sure I understand because my parents tell me to always be honest, but my teacher doesn't seem to appreciate it when I am.

            Day three she asked me about who is the famous person I admire the most?

            I answered: Colonel Sanders. Guess where I am now?


            Sticking with teachers this Notice to All Students was in a classroom.

  • Leave the excuses at the door.
  • If you didn't do your homework, just admit it.
  • If you didn't understand the homework ask for help.
  • If you didn't study for the test, accept your grade and resolve to do better next time.    
  • If you refuse to follow my rules, accept the consequences.
  • This is not a democracy.
  • This is my classroom and I'm here for one reason and one reason only:


      Is anyone thinking about former great Emporia teacher Wood Bloxom?

            English teacher asks? Can you give me the opposite of this sentence?

            "Children in the dark make mistakes."

            Little Johnny, "Mistakes in the dark make children."

            Teacher, "Johnny, go to the principal's office!"


            A small village decided to pray together for rain. On the chosen day all the people gathered, but only one young boy brought an umbrella.

            Now that's Faith!


            And finally! How I learned to mind my own business!

            I was walking by a property with a wooden fence the other day, and the people inside were shouting 13, 13, 13!

            The fence was too high for me to see over, but I noticed a small opening in the planks, so I looked in to see what was going on.

            Someone shoot my eye with a water gun and they all started shouting 14, 14, 14!

            Have a great day! I'm Steve Sauder  

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