Emporia, KS

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“The Emporium” is broadcast every Saturday morning from about 9:15 AM to 10:00 AM on 1400 KVOE-AM and is streamed live on the Internet at www.kvoe.com

Phone:  620-342-KVOE  (5863)


  • When the letter “x” follows a number, it indicates quantity.
  • Phone numbers are area code 620 unless otherwise noted.

Items duplicated from the previous week are only listed once.

NOTE:  KVOE can attach a photo of your item to your listing for just $5.00. Mail your $5 to PO Box 968 or drop it off at 1420 C of E Drive.

Emporium Items - August 9, 2014

To Sell:   Chest freezer, bakers rack, glass coffee table set, 40”x40” coffee table, SS kitchen island, 794-0000

To Sell:   Washer & dryer, 344-0663

To Sell:   Small trailer, 794-1069

To Sell:   Ceiling fan, pool table light, 481-1950

Wanted:   Honda Harmony tiller for parts, 273-6171

To Sell:   1990 Mazda Miata, 343-3018

To Sell:   2002 GMC 4x4 pickup with Tommy lift, 343-8988

Wanted:   Any fowl, bucket calf, 344-2356

Wanted:   Gavel, wood fence posts, Nativity wood cuts, clothes rack, large wall mirror, 343-6417

To Sell:   Garage door, pet carriers, Clint Bowyer die-cast car, 366-2700

To Sell:   FT roto-tiller, 803-2818

To Sell:   Cockatiel, $95, call 342-7374

To Sell:   Reading machine, 343-6255

To Sell:   2004 Durango, 794-0488

To Sell:   50x telescope, horse shoes, 24” shop fan, RCA AM/FM radio, decorative corn shocks, 481-3478

To Sell:   Music box, crock pot, 5’ step ladder, 342-7431

Wanted:   Push-button AM/FM car radio for GMC car, 342-2493

To Sell:   2x infant car seats, bassinette, baby boy clothes, 481-6103

To Sell:   Electric dryer, $60, call 366-0411

To Sell:   Handicap equip., 6.5 HP horiz. shaft motor, washboard, 342-5763

To Sell:   2x electric brake boxes for towing, 14’ tree stand, steel traps, pet carrier, 20’ log chain, 343-0564

To Sell:   Infant car seat, playpen, child’s swing & frame, 794-7663

To Sell:   AM/FM/Cass./TT stereo, dewing machine, mirror, 342-0206

To Sell:   36” exterior door with frame, 481-6525

Wanted: Washer, dryer, frig., elect. stove, 481-3988

To Sell:   Horse tack, 1995 Grand Voyager, 32” LCD TV, wireless speaker kit, wireless MFP, 343-8216

Wanted:   QS bed with mattress, 481-7490

To Sell:   T-Mobile cell phone, 341-1840

Wanted:   24” girl’s bike, 412-3268

Wanted:   Ceramic chimney, 757-9623

Wanted:   Upright freezer, 437-6349

To Sell:   Electric smoker, $200, call 341-3821

Emporium Items - August 2, 2014

To Sell:   4-volume set of “Everybody Loves Raymond”, electric fence wire, step ladder, 50-power telescope, 481-3478

To Sell:   Home-grown tomatoes, $2 per pound, 443-5628

To Sell:   Twin-size waterbed frame with 4 lower drawers, includes liner but no mattress, 366-0088

To Sell:   26” mountain bike, 366-2679

To Sell:   .22 Remington rifle & scope, 803-1052

To Sell:   Police scanner, canning jars, 481-9719

To Sell:   1996 3/4T. Chevy pickup, 366-2951

To Sell:   36” exterior door, 794-3148

To Sell:   Small square bales of alfalfa, WANTED: Verizon flip-fone, 366-2020

To Sell:   8-person hot tub, 366-2580

To Sell:   Recliner, 2 chairs, TV stand, shower curtain, 341-1859

To Sell:   Electric-tilt bed, 437-6958

To Sell:   2 metal filing cabinets, 342-0206

To Sell:   New 10” Android tablet, 50” flat screen, 757-5610

To Sell:   2004 Durango, 794-0488

To Sell:   1999 Buick Ultra Park Avenue, 1977 Olds Cutlass, 342-5760

To Sell:   QS magnetic mattress pad, 343-3866

To Sell:   13” TV/DVD player, 2x older TV’s, 4x tires LT265-75/R16 on Chevy rims, 4x Chevy mud flaps, 794-7499

Wanted:   Vanity, 913-620-1161

To Sell:   Wood entertainment center, dual breast pump, cordless roller painting system, 19” Sanyo TV, 1950’s electric mixer, 481-9377

Wanted:   Work baling square bales, 481-5757

To Sell:   Small gas range, 344-0998

To Sell:   Weed eater, also brand new 6.5 HP horizontal shaft engine, 757-3646

To Sell:   2x coffee tables, 343-8139

Wanted:   Car detailing work, 794-7663

To Sell:   14’ tree stand for hunters, steel traps, turkey fryer, 4” jointer, 80’ of HD nylon rope, 343-0564

To Sell:   2x electric dryer, 1991 Saturn for parts, 1987 F-150 pickup, 366-0411

Wanted:   Traditional archery equipment, 316-941-7723

To Sell:   FS mattress & box springs, 220-0069

To Sell:   Alto saxophone, $385, call 602-300-1871

To Sell:   16’ utility trailer, large round bales of alfalfa, WANTED: fishing boat, horse-drawn implements, 443-5051

To Sell:   570-8 tires & rims, 794-0321

Wanted:   High chair, 757-3623

To Sell:   Double stroller, metal tricycle, 481-9257



Emporium Items - July 26, 2014

To Sell:   50x telescope, pair of boat oar locks, RCA AM/FM radio, bird feeder on pole, new horseshoe set, 481-3478

To Sell:   Home-grown tomatoes, $2 per pound, 443-5628

To Sell:   2003 Stratus coupe, $3800, 366-3600

To Sell:   Baby items, playpen and changing table, car seat, 16’ ski boat, 794-7663

To Sell:   Electric (lift) bed, 437-2958

Free:   Male kitten, 366-2578

To Sell:   Electric range, 343-9420

To Sell:   Weed eater, 757-3646

To Sell:   New Remington .22 rifle with scope, 803-1052

To Sell:   .270 Savage with scope, 410 shotgun, 21” chaisaw, 437-7524

To Sell:   Several Bissell vacs, bass boat & motor, 1979 Yamaha motorcycle, gas generator, 1979 Chevy 4x4 pickup, 794-3014

To Sell:   Outdoor grill, vision-impaired reading machine, 343-6255

To Sell:   Electric brake controller for towing, chainsaw, scroll saw, 15” Chevy rim, Murray mower, 343-0564

Wanted:   Antique iron bed, 794-7102

To Sell:   2004 Dodge Durango, 794-0488

To Sell:   6” wood jointer, 794-0553

Wanted:   Metal bars for twin size bed, 26” woman’s bike, 343-2740

Free:   32x80 wood door and frame. Tire for trailer (size 4.8x4-8, call 344-0998

To Sell:   2007 Honda Shadow, 750 cc motorcycle, 443-5096

Wanted:   Dual axle trailer, 481-8322

To Sell:   2x electric dryers, 20” chrome wheels, .357 pistol, .22 cal. Jennings, call 366-0411

To Sell:   Bar stool, computer desk, 343-2997

Wanted:   Tow dolly, 366-1101

To Sell:   Alto saxophone $385, Dell laptop for $100, call 602-300-1871

Wanted:   Grinder, 342-6446

To Sell:   CPAP machine, bass guitar, WANTED: outside door with glass at top, 343-2961

To Sell:   Western paperbacks, pipe clothes rack, 17.5x69 wall mirror, 8-track tapes, WANTED: movie “Man from Snowy River”, 343-6417

Wanted: Painting work and odd jobs, 481-6127

To Sell:   8’ raft and oars, BB sniper rifle, 366-0316

To Sell:   1997 Ford Mustang, 16’ sailboat, 341-2545

Wanted: Small X-cab pickup, 203-1545

To Sell:   Outdoor toys, baby swing, baby bassinette, FREE: baby food jars, 342-0863

To Sell:   Portable basketball goal, $45, call 757-9562

Emporium Items - July 19, 2014

To Sell:   2005 Equinox, clean, 190K road miles, $2500, call 343-5104

To Sell:   24” shop fan, rural mailbox & post, half-size concrete blocks, training wheels, wooden shelves on rollers, 481-3478

To Sell:   Glass coffee table, 2pc entrance table set, roaster, 2 comforter sets, 3 bird baths, 794-0000

To Sell:   .22 Remington rifle with scope, WANTED: 2006 Dodge short-bed pickup, 366-3535

Free:   Leather chair, 342-1133

To Sell:   Stoneware crocks, cake pans, writing pens, 342-8152

To Sell:   2004 Durango, 794-0488

To Sell:   Recliner, love seat, chairs, end tables, 343-3247

To Sell:   Western paperbacks, 342-5291

To Sell:   Baby items, playpen and changing table, car seat, 16’ ski boat, 794-7663

To Sell:   Size 6/7 women’s jeans, wireless router, XP computer, 481-6011

Wanted:   Tractor front-loader, 481-8322

Free:   Iris’s, 343-1515

To Sell:   Shop vac, masonry mixer, cutoff saw, stationary saw, 341-1907

To Sell:   Microwave oven, $50, call 341-7902

To Sell:   16-speed drill press, boat gas can, 342-5727

Wanted:     Yard work, 481-6127

To Sell:   16’ ski boat, 1997 Mustang, WANTED: kneeboard, 341-2545

To Sell:   Component audio system, file cabinets, heavy-duty mirror, 342-0206

Free:   Puppies (coon-hound mix), 343-7865

Wanted:   Small trailer for mower in $500 range, 344-3214

To Sell:   Riding mower, 803-2818

To Sell:   2003 Dodge Stratus, 366-3600

To Sell:   1987 Ford F-250 pickup, 342-9251

To Sell:   Couch, 794-9738

To Sell:   Camcorder, wash basin & pitcher, electric typewriter, collector dolls, 343-3395

To Sell:   Collector spoons, 342-5646

To Sell:   FT roto tiller, $50, call 803-1611

To Sell:   Sewing table, 620-490-0132

To Sell:   1963 F-100 pickup, 785-304-5275

To Sell:   150 scooter, Savage 99, Ruger >22, FREE: barn wood, 757-0898

To Sell:   Nordick Track ski machine, entertainment center, 437-2015

Emporium Items - July 12, 2014

To Sell:   Executive arm chair, 342-7214

To Sell:   Atari, playpen and changing table, car seat, kerosene lamps, 16’ ski boat, 794-7663

Wanted: 10-foot long traveling curtain, gas-powered weed eater, 412-3267

To Sell:   1991 conversion van, 2001 crew-cab pickup, 344-2334

Free:   Wood cabinet (6’ x 3’), 412-4142

Wanted: 6-1/2’ camper shell for GMC pickup, 344-7450

To Sell:   2004 Durango, 794-0488

To Sell:   Discounted time share, 406-261-8066

Wanted:   Tires size P225/70R15 and P245/60R15, call 757-9621

To Sell:   Computer desk, 343-2997

To Sell:   Surround sound speakers, 343-5312

To Sell:   Round table & 6 chairs, Baldwin piano, pump organ, 52” projection TV, antique cello, 757-1102

To Sell:   2000 Ford Explorer, 343-1496

To Sell:   New men’s 30/32 jeans, WANTED: odd jobs, 481-6127

To Sell:   Couch table, 757-3796

To Sell:   Compaq Presario, VHS kids movies, 342-3975

To Sell:   Leaf blower/vacuum, metal roofing, wet/dry vac, WANTED: hand-held slide projector, 757-3285

Wanted:   Verizon flip-phone, 366-2020

Wanted:   Barbie doll house & accessories, 343-2740

To Sell:   Fruit jars, 342-8152

To Sell:   Drill press, Lincoln welder, pedestal grinder, 342-5727

To Sell:   5KW portable generator, mini-frig., 21-speed women’s bike, 341-1810

To Sell:   Pool table, P275/35ZR20, 40-gal. water heater, 366-0411

To Sell:   16’ x 8’ metal garage door, 343-1229

To Sell:   Chain saw, old tools, various phones, 344-1445

To Sell:   Alto saxophone, 602-300-1871

Wanted: Heating/cooling window unit, golf cart for under $800, stove & frig., 341-7350

Wanted: 2HP/220 VAC/1725 rpm motor, 341-1719

To Sell:   Oak table & 6 chairs, 2x China buffets, 342-1807

Wanted:   Small dresser & mirror, 913-620-1161

Wanted:   Tractor loader, 481-8322

To Sell:   18’ boat & trailer, 757-8712

To Sell:   King size waterbed sheets, 481-3877

To Sell:   Washer & dryer sets, 481-0088

To Sell:  Body massager, electric breaker box & breakers, DVD player, Coleman lantern & cook stove, 343-3218

Will Do:  Hand-crocheting, 340-1067

Emporium Items - July 5, 2014

Wanted: Used tire, size P215/75R-15, call 342-1718

To Sell:   Stainless steel kitchen island, 2-piece entrance table set, Longaberger stoneware, Oster processor, Buckle & Maurices clothes, 794-0000

To Sell:   Baby ducks, rabbit hutch, 3x saddles, 366-2111

To Sell:   2x bikes and accessories, 343-2079

To Sell:   S-S frig/freezer, electric range, 342-0705

To Sell:   16” scroll saw, 2-wheel dolly, 15” Chevy rims, molasses barrels, 343-0564

Wanted:   Verizon flip phone, 366-2020

Wanted:   Tandem bicycle, SELL: electric smoker, 341-3821

To Sell:   19” TV, porch swing, breast pump, 2x cribs, 481-9377

To Sell:   2x cell phones, 340-5554

To Sell:   Tie-dye T-shirts shirts, 2x MFP’s, Beta fish bowl, micro-cassette recorders, 342-0206

To Sell:   Alto saxophone ($385), 602-300-1871

To Sell:   Truck bed trailer, 6x cell phones, 344-1445

To Sell:   Weather radio, butterfly house, 342-0908

Wanted:   Set of bunk beds, 366-1390

To Sell:   Antique oak dining table, 7 chairs, call 437-6908

To Sell:   17 CF upright freezer, window sashes, 620-220-0069

Wanted:   Record player with cassette, 343-0001

To Sell:   Lil Tykes slide, baby bouncers, baby swings, 481-1756

Wanted:   Tractor with cab and loader, 16’ stock trailer & hitch, S-10 or Dodge pickup, trailer to haul 4-wheeler, SELL: topper for Chevy pickup, 767-3052