Emporia, KS

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“The Emporium” is broadcast every Saturday morning from about 9:15 AM to 10:00 AM on 1400 KVOE-AM and is streamed live on the Internet at www.kvoe.com

Phone:  620-342-KVOE  (5863)


  • When the letter “x” follows a number, it indicates quantity.
  • Phone numbers are area code 620 unless otherwise noted.

Items duplicated from the previous week are only listed once.

NOTE:  KVOE can attach a photo of your item to your listing for just $5.00. Mail your $5 to PO Box 968 or drop it off at 1420 C of E Drive.

Emporium Items - March 29, 2014

To Sell:   New pocket/hunting knives, 16’ ski boat, antique desk phone, 16” tires & wheels for Chevy pickup, 794-7663

To Sell:   1950 Massey tractor, 1932 John Deere “D” tractor, 1975 Dodge van, 1960 Buick Electra, 30’ fifth wheel, 344-0469

To Sell:   .22 Magnum revolver, 340-0934

Wanted:   Rifles & guns, fishing gear, 794-3148

To Sell:   Headboard & mattress for FS bed, WANTED: record player with stylus, 343-0001

Wanted:   5.8 liter motor for F350, call 343-4857

To Sell:   Tomato cages, 757-6857

To Sell:   Leather working pattern book, antique treadle sewing machine, WANTED: QS mattress & springs, 2 dressers, 343-6417

To Sell:   36” RCA TV, 794-2150

To Sell:   1994 Dodge RAM V8 & topper, 342-7480

Wanted:   Old broken motors/engines, 803-2818

To Sell:   3x bow and arrow sets, 794-1160

To Sell:   15 CF frig., 437-6622

To Sell:   3 PT 6-foot finish mower, 3 PT disk cultivator, 341-7314

To Sell:   16 lb bowling ball, size 8-1/2 bowling shoes, men’s golf clubs & bag, 342-4310

Free:   Egg cartons, 794-4032

Wanted:   Old console TV (working), 481-6011

To Sell:   Handicap scooters, $50 Net 10 phone card that’s discounted, 757-1525

To Sell:   42” Murray mower, scroll saw, compost, reel for garden hose, 343-0564

To Sell:   50 feet of 4’ wire fence, FREE: wireless router, WANTED: paddle boat with canopy, RENT: storage shed, 344-0998

Wanted:   Old barn wood, 342-5814

To Sell:   P225-50VR17 tires, 60” x 32” frig., frig. , 803-1697

Free:   7-year-old female miniature Schnauzer, 528-3295

To Sell:   Grass trimmer, 2x circular saws, printer-copier machine, rose vases, 342-0206

Wanted:   4-door 4WD pickup (2002-2008), call 342-5763

To Sell:   Dead tree for wood, 3000 bushel grain bin, 256-6530

To Sell:   New 20” boys bike, 343-6187

To Sell:   42” wood dowels, rural mailbox, 3’ – 4’ fence posts, 60x half-size concrete blocks, WANTED: garden hose reel, 481-3478


Emporium Items - March 22, 2014

To Sell:   3-4 foot long fence posts (35x), wood pallets, wood dowels, concrete blocks, Model 924 printer/scanner/copier with new ink cartridge, 481-3478

To Sell:   Pumped Chef & Longaberger dishes, Paula Dean bake ware, QS comforter, 8’ plastic table, Corning Ware dishes, 794-0000

To Sell:   New pocket/hunting knives, 16’ ski8 boat, CB radios, desk phone, 16” tires & wheels for Chevy pickup, 794-7663

Wanted:   Grandfather clock repairman, 342-7374

Wanted:   Roto tiller, 366-2580

To Sell:   32/32 & 32/34 jeans, bed spread, baby food warmer, medium size blouse, yarn, 342-2445

Wanted: 2x10 metal swing gates, 794-9093

To Sell:   Tiller, 16” pickup tires (P205), 794-5343

To Sell:   Roll-top computer desk with chair, FREE: ink cartridge fort HP 1200 printer, 342-3278

To Sell:   50 feet of wire fence, FREE: 30” exterior door, 344-0998

To Sell:   33x22 SS double sink, 342-5573

Wanted:   Low-mileage SUV (2010-2012), call 481-6011

To Sell:   2x Daisy BB guns, .22 long rifle bullets, 366-3535

To Sell:   Murray mower, scroll saw, dolly, reel for garden hose, 343-0564

To Sell:   Yamaha 750, 17’ bass boat, 2x .357 Magnum handguns, call 343-7818,

To Sell:   Twin or day bed, brake pads for Grand Caravan, 699-3373

To Sell:   2x smart phones, ($100 each), 794-5414

Wanted: Someone to re-tension clothes line, 342-1111

Wanted: QS mattress, SELL: antique peddle sewing machine, 343-6417

Free:   7-year-old mini-Schnauzer, 528-3295

To Sell:   72” mower, 80” pull-behind disks, 341-7314

To Sell:   Antique kitchen table with 4 chairs, 342-6703

To Sell:   4-year-old handicap power chair, 343-2997

To Sell:   Cable block with hook, hand-crank winch, 2-wheel dolly, 342-5727

Wanted:   High-chair, SELL: Girl Scout cookies, 794-0363

To Sell:   Murray riding mower, Toro push mower, roto-tiller, 366-1788

To Sell:   16-speed off-road bike, 794-6707

Wanted:   2x4’s and 2x6’s, call 443-5386

Wanted: Nisan or Toyota pickup, 203-1545

To Sell:   1999 Camaro T-top, 1992 Isuzu Rodeo 4WD, 366-0349

Emporium Items - March 15, 2014

To Sell:    Two charcoal grills, marble & wood lamp table, Corning-ware dishes, baking dish, end table with glass top,  794-0000

To Sell:    2x Daisy BB guns,  366-3535

Wanted:    Old broken motors/engines,  803-2818

Wanted:  Chain saw,  794-4319

To Sell:    27’ camper, antique woodburning stove, antique high-back saddle,  366-2896

To Sell:    Camper,  437-6539

Wanted:  Couch,  794-4418

Wanted:    Pottery wheel,  528-3536

Free:    Dogs:  Schnauzer & Dachsund,   528-3295

Wanted:    Old 33 rpm records, old coins, old hand tools, old automotive books,  757-9715

Wanted:    .357 Magnum,  481-7685

To Sell:    24” elect. range, moving dolly, hand-crank winch, new 6” furnace duct,  342-5727

To Sell:    1999 camaro, 1992 4wd Isuzu Rodeo,  366-0349

To Sell:    2 big round hay bales,  344-1483

Wanted:    Chest freezer,  437-7498

To Sell:    66 x 30 executive desk,  794-2077

To Sell:    36” shower kit, 343-2740

Wanted:  Home gym, Bose radio,  481-8322

To Sell:    Western paperbacks, 342-5291

To Sell:    30” smooth-top range,   343-1604

Wanted:    Sectional couch,   803-8171

Wanted:    Bluegrass vinyl records,  342-1554

To Sell:    15” show saddle, WANTED:  washer, window AC/heaters,   341-7350

To Sell:    Women’s size 6 SAS shoes, 343-6255

To Sell:    Washers, dryers, glass top stove,  481-0088

Free:  Day lilies,  344-2036

Wanted:  Double breast pump, Tummy Time play pillow, twin captain’s bed, SELL:  stroller & car seat, 481-1756

Wanted:    Rifles & guns, fishing gear,  794-3148

Emporium Items - March 8, 2014

To Sell:   8’ table, charcoal grill, high-top table & 2 bar stools, various kitchen items, decorative iron wine rack, 794-0000

Free:   2-piece couch, FS bed, dining room table & chairs, 2x older TV’s, 481-1127

Free:   3x5 mirror, 412-9432

To Sell:   Ash firewood, 366-2850

To Sell:   Size 3 prom dresses, 794-0488

To Sell:   Washer & dryer, 794-7499

Wanted: Glider swing, 412-2678

To Sell:   Interior doors, small square bales of hay, elect. organ, child’s bed, dishwasher, 344-8000

To Sell:   Rear bumper for Z-71 Chevy pickup, 316-435-2471

Wanted:   4’ metal garden gate, 343-1956

To Sell:   Elliptical exerciser, WANTED: someone to install zippers, 757-9623

Wanted:   Old broken motors/engines, 803-2818

To Sell:   Gas & elect. clothes dryers, 2x stoves, clothes washer, 481-0088

Wanted:   4WD pickup (pre 2005), workout gym, 481-8322

To Sell:   36” electric range, 342-4625

To Sell:   Washer & dryer, frig., 14” tires off Infinity, 803-1697

To Sell:   Alum. & plastic truck tool boxes, bed liner, twin beds, chest of drawers, 475-3731

Wanted:   Rifles & guns, fishing gear, 794-3148

To Sell:   Bird cage, WANTED: odd jobs, cow bell, 481-6127

Wanted:   Bird bath, barn wood, 342-5814

To Sell:   5x8 utility trailer, new cover for 5th wheel camper, 757-3285

To Sell:   2003 Silverado X-cab, 316-619-5058

To Sell:   24” electric range, 100’ of flat stainless steel, dolly, sandblaster, 342-5727

To Sell:   Staircase spindles, banister post, 342-8804

To Sell:   5-phone set, SS double sink, tie dye T-shirts, 20” bike tires, 342-0206

To Sell:   Animal cages, claw bathtub, 316-206-3944

Wanted:   Down spout, 342-2700

To Sell:   20” chrome rims, P275-35/R20 tires, 366-0411

To Sell:   15” show saddle, halter, reins,. etc. 341-7350

To Sell:   Dressers, girl’s toddler bed, 794-6788

Emporium Items - March 1, 2014

Free:    3x5 bath mirror,  412-9432

Wanted:    2x 55-gal. plastic barrels,  342-7262

To Sell:    Frig., XP micycle, misc  items,  794-5474

To Sell:    55 gal. metal barrel, pool sticks, 16-speed men’s bike,  794-6707

Wanted:    Old broken motors/engines, QS bed rails, 803-2818

To Sell:    17.5 x 68.5 wall mirror, new brand name men’s jeans, 343-6417

To Sell:    5x8 utility trailer, new cover fopr 5th wheel camper,  757-3285

To Sell:    FS headboard & rails, girls baby clothes, baby high chair,  343-0001

To Sell:    Dishwasher, double SS sink, 342-0128

Wanted:    Size 6-1/2 to 7 red women’s cowboy boots,  342-8152

To Sell:    Electric guitar,  412-6965

To Sell:    24” elect. range, 100-foot coil of stainless steel metal, 2-wheel dolly, sandblaster, hand winch,  342-5727

To Sell:    New hunting knives, 16’ ski8 boat,  794-7663

Wanted:    Small chest freezer, twin captains’s bed, male Pomeranian,  481-1756

Wanted:   Used washer & dryer,  343-3439

To Sell:    Many romance novels, 343-1515

Wanted:    Rifles & guns, 794-3148

To Sell:    Washer & dryer, gas dryer, flat top stoves,  481-0088

To Sell:    6.5 HP gas engine,  2x horse collars, wash boards, wood stove, 8” stove pipe,  342-5763

To Sell:    2x BB guns,  366-3535

To Sell:    1989 4WD flatbed pickup,  794-9564

Emporium Items - February 22, 2014


To Sell:   Old desk telephones, CB radios, ceramic jugs, sewer valve, 16’ ski, boat, 794-7663

To Sell:   New western jeans S12 & 14, new western boots S10, new formal gown S12, 794-6694

To Sell:   1994 bumper for Chevy pickup, 316-435-2471

Wanted:   2x dressers, SELL: 17x68 wall mirror, book to make wooden toys, poster board, ironing board, 343-6417

Free: Couch, SELL: 1994 ranger pickup, 343-1825

To Sell:   20” cake platter, beverage dispensers, Champaign fountain, 343-2683

Wanted:   Old broken motors/engines, SELL: electric guitar, 803-2818

To Sell:   4x LT235/85R16, call 340-7406

To Sell:   5x8 utility trailer, brand new cover for camper, 757-3285

Wanted:   Above-ground pool with metal side, 366-2580

Wanted:   Lift chair, 342-0705

To Sell:   1962 F-100 pickup, 785-304-5275

Free:   30x egg cartons, 916 West St.

Wanted:   Old Chinese scooters, ATV’s, small pickup, SELL: 2x roto-tillers, 528-3730

To Sell:   1970 Dodge Power Wagon, $1500, call 794-6494

To Sell:   Snow blower, 794-1741

To Sell:   2001 conversion van with wheel chair lift, 620-331-9135

To Sell:   Combo shower/tub, Anderson windows, vanity top & sink, 48” medicine cabinet, 342-9431

Free:   Sofa sleeper, 343-2996

To Sell:   Twin mattresses, dressers, double chairs, 481-0088

To Sell:   Fib. topper for Ford F-250, power washer, 794-0214

Wanted:   Small pickup, 794-7725

To Sell:   Single garage for rent in Emporia, 344-0998

Wanted: Rifles/guns 794-3148

To Sell:   Fem. Choc. Lab pup, 342-4262

To Sell:   2x size 4 promo dresses, 794-0488

Wanted:   Slap Chop, 342-7908

To Sell:   2x rural mailboxes, modular sidewalk, small concrete blocks, office supplies, 481-3478

To Sell:   Washer & dryer, 794-0410

To Sell:   12 cemetery plots at Memorial Lawn, 794-4727

To Sell:   Love seat/hide-a-bed, 342-0963

Wanted:   Stove and frig., washer & dryer, treadmill, window size heating & air unit, 341-7350