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“The Emporium” is broadcast every Saturday morning from about 9:15 AM to 10:00 AM on 1400 KVOE-AM and is streamed live on the Internet at www.kvoe.com

Phone:  620-342-KVOE  (5863)


  • When the letter “x” follows a number, it indicates quantity.
  • Phone numbers are area code 620 unless otherwise noted.

Items duplicated from the previous week are only listed once.

NOTE:  KVOE can attach a photo of your item to your listing for just $5.00. Mail your $5 to PO Box 968 or drop it off at 1420 C of E Drive.

Emporium Items - November 14, 2015

To Sell:   Baby stroller, child’s car seat, 342-7214

To Sell:   VCR/DVD combo, WANTED: TV, DVD movies, 343-0001

To Sell:   Boys size 8 & 16 jackets, steamer trunk, fern, size 2 and T pull-ups, salt & pepper shaker collection, 343-6417

To Sell:   New Way cooker, holiday cookie jars, tires size P255/70-18 and P225/60-16, oak firewood, 366-2679

To Sell:   Large oak office desk, 481-1950

To Sell:   2x twin beds, 2-wheel trailer, 12G shotgun, WANTED: electric iron, seamstress, 343-0564

To Sell:   Side-by-side frig., 30” glass-top range, mw oven, dishwasher, kitchen sink, 343-3573

Wanted:   6” stove pipe, 412-1831

Wanted:   Trailer houses to tear down, 474-7731

To Sell:   Washing machine, dishwasher, 2x dressers, storage container, 918-617-4099

To Sell:   Parakeets, bird cage, WANTED: odd jobs, 481-6127

To Sell:   JD 1214 Swather, WANTED: V-bottom fishing boat, horse-drawn implements, 443-5051

To Sell:   Large bales of prairie hay, 794-5276

To Sell:   1994 3/4T Chevy pickup with 4x4, $1850, call 481-0001

To Sell:   55-gal. plastic jugs, 343-8988

To Sell:   1972 Honda CV-100 motorcycle, $350, call 794-8883

To Sell:   1947 GMC winch truck, $1000, call 343-0780

To Sell:   20’ x 10’ awning, 343-0969

To Sell:   AKC Brittany pups, $400/E., call 785-983-4844

To Sell:   1993 Chevy 3/4T X-cab, 1995 Ford Explorer 4WD, call 344-5735

To Sell:   Powered wheel chair, lift for pickup, 794-4418

Emporium Items - November 7, 2015

To Sell:   Seasoned firewood, 4x tires size P255/70R-18, call 366-2679

To Sell:   2x 13” TV’s, man’s bowling ball and size 8-1/2 shoes, 342-4310

To Sell:   8'x10' area rug, 343-2740

To Sell:   Sectional divan, 342-0640

To Sell:   Dan Colesmith paperback books, VHS tapes, girl’s clothes (24 mo. – 3T), steamer trunk, salt & pepper shakers, 343-6417

To Sell:   12G shotgun, 2x twin beds, 2-wheel trailer, turkey fryer, 2-pair jeans size 48/30, call 343-0564

To Sell:   2x 12-G shotguns, .22 cal. rifle & pistol, 794-2158

To Sell:   ’92 S-10 pickup with 4x4 King cab, canopy for FS pickup, 803-1528

Free:   House plants, 342-0705

To Sell:   Riding mower, battery charger, space heater, deer antlers, 794-8755

To Sell:   Collector bells, 2-8152

To Sell:   Powered wheel chair, lift for pickup, 794-4418

To Sell:   Small square bales of alfalfa, hay, straw, WANTED: baby boy clothes, 366-2020

To Sell:   32x80 storm door, 2-gal. manual ice cream freezer, 342-1133

To Sell:   19 cf upright freezer, 412-7223

Free:   Tanning bed, 481-0411

To Sell:   Car ramps, garden spreader, WANTED: ceiling fan, 342-0963

Wanted:   6’ fence boards, 342-2649

To Sell:   Gas dryer, electric dryer, glass top electric stove, 475-3731

Wanted:   Stationary exercise bike, 341-1719

Wanted:   Radiant heater that mounts on small propane tank, 343-2294

To Sell:   K.S. mattress & box springs, 344-1238

To Sell:   Pickled jalapenos & banana peppers, 342-1528

To Sell:   Pickup bed trailer, $100, call 794-1096

To Sell:   Local honey, FREE: small broken frig. for storage, 2x4 ceiling tile, 6’ I-beams, 344-0998

Wanted:   Bottom of kitchen cupboard, 913-620-1161

To Sell:   Decorator dolls, 342-5101

To Sell:   1993 Chevy 3/4T X-cab, 1995 Ford Explorer 4WD, call 344-5735

Wanted:   4x8 or 4x10 chain link fence panels, privacy fence, 794-6393

To Sell:   Computer desk, bedliner for Ford, plastic truck toolbox, TV stand, rocker recliner, 481-0088

To Sell:   Small truck toolbox, rally wheels for a Mazda, 36” grill, 366-2580

To Sell:   Firewood, square bailer, sickle mower, 528-3492

Wanted:   3” or 4” square tubing, engine stand, tilting tool, SELL: 15x10 wheels for Jeep, 481-5757

To Sell:      Hooded sweatshirts, fruit jars, large women’s leather coat, size 8 women’s leather boots, electric smoker, 341-3821

To Sell:     Nail & staple gun, 803-1093

To Sell:   5-gal. buckets, 4-dr. filing cabinet, 50-gal. plastic trash can, tool chest, ladders, 481-3478P

To Sell:   10x14 metal storage bldg. in box, hospital bed, 341-2501

To Sell:   Parts for Chinese scooters and ATV’s, 528-3730

Wanted:   55-gal. burn barrels, 475-3731


Emporium Items - October 31, 2015

To Sell:   7’ x 9’ utility trailer with ramps, $500, truck canopy, $125, 1992 Chevy S-10, $1800, 1984 Winnebago, $2800, dash cam, $25, call 803-1528

To Sell:   Large brown velvet sofa and recliner, $25, air hockey table (no legs), $25, WANTED: Concord grapes, 475-3578

To Sell:   31” skateboard, mini-blind, hanging files, mixer & bowls, many VHS movies, 208-9059

To Sell:   Electric treadmill, 794-3235

To Sell:   QS waterbed and mattress, gaming chair, stereo & speakers, 343-0320

To Sell:   Coveralls & jacket, 366-3535

To Sell:   Handicap scooter, 794-4418

To Sell:   New nailgun, TV stand, 803-1093

To Sell:   30” bath vanity & sink, medicine cabinet, 342-8632

To Sell:   Waterbed, 342-9227

Free:   Asparagus plants in pots, 342-0705

To Sell:   Sectional divan, 342-0640

To Sell:   Women’s boots, size 7-1/2 and size 8, call 341-3821

Wanted:     Old broken motors, TRADE: snowblower for riding mower, 481-3988

Wanted:   Radiant heater that mounts on small propane tank, 343-2294

Wanted:   DVD/VHS combo unit, 481-6011

To Sell:     Antique piano, $50, call 481-0839

To Sell:     Wheel chair, IR space heater, power washer, pole vault pole, electric snow blower, 342-5763

To Sell:     2x twin beds, 2-wheel trailer, small Christmas tree, 2 pair of jeans size 48/30, call 343-0564

To Sell:     Tires, size P255/70R16 and P215/65R16, WANTED: riding mower with transaxle, 794-1160

To Sell:     Large antique meat slicing machine, 1972 F-250 and camper, 475-3475

To Sell:     Powered wheelchair, $800, call 794-01219

Wanted:     Odd jobs, 316-206-3944

To Sell:     Wood stove $300, large smoker, $650, 8’ x 8’ wood shed, bass boat with trailer, $400, call 443-5993

Wanted:   4’ x 8’ chain link panels, privacy fence, 794-6393

To Sell:     Stroller and carrier car seat, 481-1756

To Sell:     Snapper riding mower (needs work), 342-4526

To Sell:     26” Dr. Pepper bicycle, 341-0070

To Sell:     40’ antenna tower, 340-5231

To Sell:     3x desiogner dolls, 342-5101

To Sell:     Barbie dreamhouse and Barbies, antique ice box, 342-3662

To Sell:     14’ trampoline, 340-2962

To Sell:     Weber grill, 6’ aluminum ladder, 4’ wood ladder, large cooler, WANTED: dethatcher for riding mower, 757-3285

To Sell:     Steamer trunk, window insulation kits, WANTED: little pull wagon, 343-6417

To Sell:     2x Go-Carts, 344-1841

Wanted:     Off-road 4-wheeler, 803-8781

To Sell:     Large hot tub cover,commercial gas grill, small truck toolbox, antique wood desk, 366-2580

To Sell:     Small desk & chair, 343-1515

To Sell:     29-gal. aquarium, wedding dress size 16, call 794-0517

Emporium Items - October 24, 2015

To Sell:   Gas dryer $75.00, electric dryer $125.00, stove with self-cleaning over $275.00, 8’ wood dining table, wood card table, $50.00, call 481-0088

To Sell:   Four P255/70-R18 tires, oak firewood, WANTED: junk metal & old car batteries, 366-2679

To Sell:   4’ lathe, wood chipper, 344-3214

Wanted:   Christmas lawn ornaments, 343-0001

To Sell:   Truck toolbox, 3/8” drive socket set, 15’ log chain, tool chest, 481-3478

To Sell:   Bunk bed, 6x dinning chairs, 342-5120

To Sell:   1999 S-10 pickup with 4WD, 1995 Ford Explorer, 344-5735

To Sell:   55-gal. drums (metal & plastic), 5-gal. water jugs, 343-8988

To Sell:   Size 2 & 3 diapers, 343-6417

To Sell:   Men’s adult bike, 6’ step ladder, bike rack, Pack ‘n play, shop vac, 342-9086

To Sell:   Mixer $50, oil change kit, small fruit mixer, 208-9059

To Sell:   Fruit jars, 341-3821

To Sell:   Hay feeders, 1964 Chevy pickup, 475-3574

Wanted:   House plants for no cost, 794-7830

Wanted:   Farm cat (mouser), 343-7865

To Sell:   1990 Geo Tracker 4WD, 2000 Toyota Celica, 366-0349

To Sell:   Pickup bed trailer, single speed adult bike, 794-1096

Wanted:   Odd jobs, hauling, 412-3503

To Sell:   Wood bookcases, coffee table, end table, ceramic vases, 785-656-2497

To Sell:   Flat screen TV bracket, 803-1093

To Sell:   Wood pellet stove, 757-5876

To Sell:   Snow blower to trade for mower, WANTED: old junked motors, 481-0852

To Sell:   2x wall clocks, 343-1496

To Sell:   4000 watt portable generator $250, call 794-6494

To Sell:   Small square bales of hay, alfalfa, straw, call 366-1582

To Sell:   5x roosters, 794-8759

To Sell:   Hot tub cover, garden arbor, antique desk, truck toolbox, 366-2580

Wanted:   19”-21” flat screen for $15 or less, 481-6011

To Sell:   14’ log chain, washer & dryer, 794-3179

To Sell:   1994 Chevy ¾ T pickup 4WD, 1994 Geo Tracker, 481-0001

Emporium Items - October 17, 2015

To Sell:   Desk, antique typing table, computer desk, 344-3518

To Sell:   P255/70-R18 tires and rims, oak firewood, 366-2679

Wanted:   4’ chain link panels,wood privacy fence, 794-6393

To Sell:   Baby strollers, WANTED: odd jobs, 316-206-3944

To Sell:   2010 Malibu, 794-5870

To Sell:   10-gal. air compressor, 32” flat screen TV with DVD layer, 803-1093

To Sell:   2011 two-bedroom mobile home, 757-6523

To Sell:   Humifier, garden tiller, WANTED: outside table & chasirs, FREE: metal ppip[es, glider, 341-9942

To Sell:   Twin Craftmatic bed, 343-1327

To Sell:   Small square bales of hay, alfalfa, straw, call 366-1582

To Sell:   4-drawer filing cabinet, sewing machine, 4x storage cabinets, 342-9133

To Sell:   Snow blower to trade for mower, WANTED: old junked motors, 481-0852

To Sell:   Strawberries and garden bed frame, log chain, 3/8” socket set, WANTED: 36x48 storm window, 481-3478

To Sell:   Oreck vacuum, $50, wall mirror, 342-7431

To Sell:   2-wheel trailer, turkey fryer, Tempurpedic twin bed, 50-cal. black powder rifle, ¾” nylon rope, 343-0564

Wanted:   Aluminum storm windows, 417-321-2521

To Sell:   Washer & dryer, camcorder, 794-3179

To Sell:   Weed sprayer canisters, electric snow blower, 4x metal chairs, HD electrical cord, 342-5763

To Sell:   2x female Jack Russell pups, $100 each, 437-6349

To Sell:   Child’s playhouse, $175, call 794-8283

To Sell:   1999 S-10 pickup with 4WD, 1995 Ford Explorer with 4WD, call 344-5735

To Sell:   Duck eggs, 794-7475

Free:   Horse barn to tear down, 343-3047

Wanted:   Hogs or cattle on the hoof, 316-206-3944

To Sell:   30” oven, 794-7895

Wanted:   Enclosure for Club Cab golf cart, 342-8488

To Sell:   Steamer trunk, WANTED: inside door, 343-6417

Wanted:   Frig., odd jobs, 481-6127

To Sell:   Hide-a-bed couch, 343-6663

To Sell:   Electric stove, electric dryer, 481-0088

To Sell:   Large aquarium, desk with chair, 343-1515

Wanted:   Dresser, 366-0316

To Sell:   Propane stove, 794-7014

To Sell:   Hot tub cover, garden arbor, antique desk, truck toolbox, 366-2580

To Sell:   Older 52” TV, 474-7731

To Sell:   Tires of size: P245/780R17 (for spare), P265/70-17, New P215/60-15, P225/60-16, garden tiller, 341-7350

To Sell:   2x dining room tables, 412-7859

To Sell:   Croft storm windows, 794-3073


Emporium Items - October 10, 2015

To Sell:   P205/70R14 tire, CPAP machine, WANTED: P225/75R15, 343-6417

To Sell:   Couch, bookcase, dresser, MW oven, 4x bar stools, 803-2013

To Sell:   Antique office desk, computer desk, filing cabinet, antique chair, typing table, 344-3518

To Sell:   Washing machine, $60, call 794-4935

To Sell:   Craftmatic bed, 343-1327

To Sell:   2x artificial trees, gas weed eater, 605-7004

To Sell:   Full length mirror, wall shelf & picture, barometer/weather center, 342-7431

To Sell:   40-gal.natural gas water heater, local honey, FREE: upholstered office chair, ceiling tile & T-bars, 344-0998

To Sell:   10-gal. air compressor, 803-1093

Wanted:   Odd jobs, 342-9251

Wanted:   Farm implements like Brush Hog, 757-0898

To Sell:   2007 horse trailer, 794-4770

Wanted:   Landscaping brick, 342-6009

To Sell:   Parts for Fisher & Paykel, 344-2445

Wanted:   Gas powered trimmer, 794-3148

To Sell:   2x mantle clocks, will service older clocks, 343-1496

To Sell:   New Barbie dolls, HD cardboard tubes, light covers, 794-8283

Wanted:   DVD player, large fish tank, 342-0001

To Sell:   Violin and case, 794-7681

To Sell:   Small truck toolbox, large hot tub cover, antique desk, 12x12 garden arbor, 36” gas grill, 366-2580

Wanted:   19”-21” flat screen for $15 or less, 481-6011

To Sell:   Brush hog, 481-0852

To Sell:   Lawn spreader, rural mailbox, 16” chainsaw, 4x4 treated lumber, 2x4 & 2x6 lumber, 481-3478

To Sell:   Jack Russell pups, 437-6349

Wanted:   Odd jobs, 316-206-3944

Wanted:   Bee-keeping gear (protective suit, smoker, hives, etc. 366-2850

Wanted:   Treadmill, 794-8629