Emporium Items - November 2, 2013

 To Sell:   Kitchen table & chairs, large women’s coats, QS comforters,

                 Crystal punch bowl, various household items, 794-0000

Wanted:   Tires, size P235/75R15, call 203-1545

To Sell:   Stud service, mini-donkey and mini-horse, 366-0007

To Sell:   Stainless steel frig., 12’ outdoor above-ground pool, 344-3214

Wanted:   20x60 storage cabinet, SELL: shower cleaner for stone, 343-6417

To Sell:   Winchester 30-30 rifle, Stevens 410 shotgun,

                 FREE: outdoor farm cat, 340-0934

To Sell:   New hunting knives, 2x 17-inch tires on mag rims (Chevy), 794-7663

Wanted:   Canning jars, 366-1046

Wanted:   8-track tapes, 366-2020

To Sell:   Portable folding corral panels, 366-1530

To Sell:   6x16 dog pen, 762-2030

To Sell:   Kirby vac and shampooer, 342-0270

Wanted:   Broken (free) 8 HP Briggs & Stratton engine, 803-2818

To Sell:   1996 Plymouth Neon, small truck toolbox, 340-7631

To Sell:   1976 motorhome, 340-3446

To Sell:   16’ bowling ball, S12 men’s bowling shoes, men’s golf clubs, 342-4310

To Sell:   Double sink, snow blower, aluminum scoop, 342-5763

To Sell:   Wedding reception items: runners, overlays, bows for chairs, 343-2683

To Sell:   Dressers, frig., stove, washer & dryer, firewood, 481-0088

Wanted:  Small wood lathe, drill press, 794-0553

To Sell:   24x24x42 safe (2000 lb.), 481-8322

To Sell:   Washer & dryer, frig., 2002 Buick Century, 343-8480

To Sell:   Portable dishwasher, 794-3710

Free:   Black walnuts, 342-9251

To Sell:   Skill 16” chain saw, 344-0908

Wanted:   F.S. bed & mattress, 342-6947

To Sell:   Baby changing table, baby jumper, bunk beds, race car bed, clothes line poles,

              Call 481-1756

Wanted: Beef jerky (must be beef) 757-6669

To Sell:   Wood card table and chairs, ding table & chairs, twin bed & mattress,

                   Call 475-3731

Wanted:   Miniature dog (under 10 lbs.) 343-1956

Wanted:   Gas cooking range, 794-3253

To Sell:   Couch & love seat, concrete mixer, 32” older style TV, 366-0411

Wanted:   Futon mattress, SELL: fiberglass top and fuel tank for ’76 blazer,

                   Call 481-5757

To Sell:   Snow blade for lawn mower, fiberglass topper for Chevy pickup, 767-3052