Emporium Items - December 28, 2013

To Sell:   2x women’s leather coats, small electric fireplace, 2x new sets of mixing bowls, various kitchenware, WANTED: Eden Pure Gen 3 heater, 794-0000

To Sell:   Large round bales of hay, small sq. bales of alfalfa, 366-1582

To Sell:   Various new knives, National Rodeo belt buckles, free firewood, 794-7663

Wanted:   Old broken motors/engines, 803-2818

To Sell:   Washer & dryer, tub & shower, exterior door, Anderson windows, 342-9431

Wanted:   Dresser or chest of drawers, full or QS bed, SELL: antique treadle sewing machine, “All American” wooden toy book, 343-6417

Wanted:   Small bale of hay for animal, 794-6305

To Sell:   1984 Ford F-250 with Tommy lift, 55 gal. drums, 343-8988

To Sell:   1997 50-foot flatbed trailer, WANTED: flute extractor to remove oil, 481-5757

To Sell:   1/18th scale ’57 Ford Fairlane, 2x rural mailboxes, 481-3478

To Sell:   IBM laptop, “Hooked on Phonics”, “Jump Start” home learning, 342-0908

To Sell:   2010 Prius, 481-0088

To Sell:   18 c.f. refrigerator, DVD player, 481-9459

To Sell:   Pull camper, 2001 Ford Focus, mitre box, 316-206-3944

To Sell:   New pocket knives, bath chair & misc. handicap items, yard tools, ’85 Chevy pickup, 342-5763

To Sell:   Pickup bed trailer, kerosene heater, 340-3737

Wanted:   Patterns for doll clothes, 437-2015

To Sell:   Washer & dryer, WANTED: Pull-behind camper, 794-6788

To Sell:   Blind lady will do custom crocheting, 340-1067

To Sell:   Baby bed, 794-3235

Wanted:     Day bed, 343-2740

To Sell:   1989 Ford Ford Flatbed 4x4, 1982 Chevy 4x4, diecast cars, 794-9564

To Sell:   Tire chains for 14-15” tires, 5-piece luggage set, double SS sink, set of WWII books, 33 rpm records, 342-0206

Wanted:   Hydraulic cylinder for log-splitter, 342-0963

To Sell:   2005 Chevy Silverado, 82x102 flatbed, 340-7866

To Sell:   100 small square bales of hay, 528-3320

To Sell:   32’ Coachman fifth-wheel, 342-5885

To Sell:   Tires:” P195/75R14 and P245/R17, firewood, 2x truck toolboxes, pickup bed liner, 457-3731

To Sell:   Ceiling fan, playpen, crystal chandelier, 342-9431

To Sell:   33 rpm records, 785-528-3451

To Sell:   Sears washer & dishwasher, portable workbench, 1991 GMC conversion van, 343-6706