Tallgrass Writing Workshop lassos success for 30th year

The Tallgrass Writing Workshop closed the gate on its 30th year of study this past weekend.


Higher attendance was noted with this year's workshop, a fact that organizer and Emporia State University professor Max McCoy says attests to the effectiveness of the workshop. McCoy also says this year's event, focusing on themes and concepts of the American West, was appealing to folks.

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This year's guest speaker, senior editor for True West Magazine Stuart Rosebrook, focused on "The Real vs. Imagined West" as an idea to explore for new or experienced writers. He says it's especially important to write from a perspective not normally considered part of "the West."

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Marcia Lawrence says this is her second year of attending the workshop, and it's been warm and inviting both times.

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Breakout sessions covered topics such as crafting ten-minute plays, painting with words, and adventures in writing a newspaper column. The workshop was originally formed by current director of the Center for Great Plains Studies Jim Hoy, and the late author Don Coldsmith. It is also sanctioned by the Western Writers of America.