FHTC Power Plant Technology expanding into KC area; solar panels functional at Jones Education Center

Flint Hills Technical College has two energy programs expanding in the coming days.


As per the TRAC-7 Grant agreement, the Power Plant Technology Program will soon be offered on campus at Kansas City, Kansas Community College. FHTC President Dean Hollenbeck says Kansas City Power and Light has been the catalyst for this endeavor.

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Hollenbeck says program director Seth Carter is working with KCP&L and KCKCC this week to pull things together. Hollenbeck says hopefully Kansas City-area students start enrolling or seeking more information as soon as possible, with an open house being scheduled at KCKCC soon.

Another FHTC energy program is almost finished. Solar panels now adorn the Jones Education Center roof and grounds nearby, and are collecting sunlight to help power the building. Sustainability Studies Director Amy Becker says they're waiting on a data programming piece of the puzzle before the panels can actually start saving them money. The goal is to move the building to "net-zero," meaning they will be generating as much energy as they use. Becker says the panels will also be used as a tool for students in the Alternative Energy Program.

For more information, visit www.fhtc.edu or call 343-4600.