Ag experts give outlook into Kansas ag economy

The state of the Kansas agricultural economy was the primary focus of the Farming for the Future program hosted at the Anderson Building Monday.
The conference, hosted by the Lyon County Extension, included several guest speakers from the Kansas State University Department of Agricultural Economics. Professor Dr. Glynn Tonsor gave an update on where the beef cattle market is at from the price and size of the industry perspective.
Dr. Tonsor says he expects supply trends to continue to be up but still has questions as to whether the demand will continue to rise from 2018 to 2019. He says specific localized forecasts for beef cattle markets can be found at beefbasis.com
K-State Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics Dr. Mykel Taylor also spoke on the current farm financial situation which has been trending down.
Land values are trending down because the profitability in the ag sector has been negative the past three years with no sign of improvement.
Information from today's (M) presentations can be found online at agmanager.info.