Injection well request in Greenwood County put on temporary hold

A hearing for two existing but not currently operational injection wells in northern Greenwood County was delayed Tuesday.
The hearing for Cross Bar Energy's application for injection wells southwest of Madison was set to take place Tuesday but will be rescheduled after a pre-hearing conference now taking place. Cross Bar Energy failed to provide the necessary evidence of publication notice 10 or more days prior to a public hearing, so the evidentiary hearing has been replaced by the pre-hearing conference.
The application in question has two parts -- one to convert a production well to what's called an enhanced oil recovery well. These inject water and push oil towards production wells. The second component is to change the other well's pressure from 500 to 1000 pounds and its injection rate from 200 to 400 barrels per day.
The sites are about seven miles west of Kansas Highway 99. It is bordered by 310th Road on the north, 300th Road on the south, Q Road on the east and P Road on the west.
Cross Bar Energy of Wichita filed earlier this summer to build the well. Documents from the KCC show the company wanted the KCC to dismiss a motion to halt construction from protestors. The KCC decided to have an evidentiary hearing Tuesday before adjusting the schedule.
Earlier this year, Quail Oil and Gas obtained a 2,700-foot injection well near Burdick over the protests of nearby residents. That well will pump up to 500 barrels of brine into the ground a day at a rate of 500 pounds per square inch. Protestors have maintained injection well activity could lead to more earthquakes, especially with an active fault zone that runs through Chase and Morris counties.