Semi overturns. closing US 50 roundabout

Traffic is now flowing smoothly through the US Highway 50 roundabout after a wreck Sunday.


A semi overturned shortly after noon. Details are pending, but initial investigation showed the semi was moving too fast around the roundabout. The load shifted right before a gust of wind pushed the trailer and cab over.

Traffic was diverted for about four hours after the crash.

2 pm Sunday: Semi overturns on US Highway 50 roundabout

Traffic on the US Highway 50 roundabout in far west Emporia has been diverted since shortly after noon Sunday after a semi overturned. 

Emporia Police and Emporia Fire were called to the roundabout shortly before noon. Police on site say the semi was moving too fast, causing the load to shift. A gust of wind then pushed the trailer over, which then brought the cab down as well.

No injuries were reported. EFD cleaned up a small amount of oil leakage from the semi.

Further details are pending through Emporia Police.