ERC considering update to website, sets meeting date for architect presentations

The Emporia Recreation Commission discussed some potential changes both online and on site for the Recreation Center at Monday's monthly meeting.


During her report, Marketing Supervisor Jennifer Bennett informed the commission why it may be in the best interest to update the ERC web site. The current version has been online since 2011 and has some technical issues that make it not very user friendly.

Bennett noted that new software designed through Manhattan-based Civic Plus would simplify some of the things different departments currently utilize to update parts of the current web page. It also would allow guests to apply online or register for different events, something the current version is unable to perform. Another key feature would be the ability to have a separate page for the Jones Aquatic Center.

In terms of costs to upgrade, those weren't definite, but the general consensus was that an upgrade could potentially be a revenue generator for the Rec Center. ERC Director Tom McEvoy said he would like to see a proposal come back as an action item in November for the commission to vote on.

McEvoy also updated the commission on architect presentations for a potential renovation to the Rec Center going forward. Commissioners noted because of the expected high cost, it is likely any project ultimately decided upon would be a bonded out. Commissioners have tentatively set a meeting 4:30 p.m. meeting Nov. 29 at the Water Treatment Plant for both bidding architects to share their proposals with commissioners.

The next regularly scheduled ERC meeting will take place on Nov. 20.