Sweet Granada welcoming 'sweet' addition to menu

    The Sweet Granada is adding a new line to their already sweet menu -- Market Macarons.  
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The Sweet Granada is introducting Market Macarons to their 'sweet' lineup.  Photo by Scott Hayes/KVOE.
     The Sweet Granada unveiled the meringue-based French confections this (WED) morning and owner Kim Reder says they are really excited for the partnership.
     Redeker says the Sweet Granada has wanted to add some baked items and macarons are very popular, right now, so it was a perfect fit.
    Market Macarons is a specialty baking business started by local home-based entrepreneur Haley Brinkman.  Brinkman began baking macarons six months ago, and soon outgrew her home kitchen, and is excited for the partnership with the Sweet Granada.  
     Brinkman says the partnership is going to give Market Macarons more exposure .
     The Sweet Granada is offering a selection of macarons including Oreo, Lemon, Raspberry, Mocha, Fruity Pebbles as well as a seasonal flavor. An official ribbon cutting with the Emporia Chamber of Commerce is planned for 11:30 a.m. on Sept. 27.