Lyon County Commission hears options concerning condition of Road U

Lyon County Commissioners started their Thursday action session with a discussion concerning roads with Lyon County Assistant Engineer Jim Brull.
Brull presented the results of the Zika Virus Mitigation Tire Amnesty Program. 61.8 tons worth of tires were collected for recycling and to remove disease-carrying mosquito attractions. Commissioner Dan Slater was pleased with the outcome of the program and the fact that the tires will be reused.

Brull also presented the conditions of Road U to the county. He says the conditions of the road create a need for action because the banks of the river have taken over part of the road.
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One option presented to the commissioners included a quote from BG Consultants in the amount of $1 million to repair the road, which the commissioners were not in favor of. Commissioner Slater says spending that amount of money on a non-major road is not feasible.

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Another option presented includes vacating and relocating the road to still give landowners access. Brull says the next step is to contact landowners and discuss the possible options.

Also brought up by Bruhl was a sign that has been placed in the north side county owned ditch east of Road U which reads "do not mow; native grass restoration project." The commissioners are currently unaware of any project involving native grasses and advised the engineers to continue to mow the grass. It is a public safety concern to have tall grasses near the road and water retainment caused by the grass would weaken the roads, says Commissioner Slater.

Three budget requests were heard. Crosswinds asked for the possibility of more funding from the county as they work with the state to fill in a $57,000 shortfall. Crosswinds has asked Wichita State University to conduct a feasibility and cost avoidance study over the next two months and will report the findings to the commission to take into consideration with their budget request.

Lyon County Treasurer Sharon Gaede asked for a 3 percent budget increase for salary and wages in her budget request.

Lyon County Clerk Tammy Vopat also asked for a 3 percent budget increase to cover longevity and staffing in both clerk and election offices. She also mentioned that the equipment used in the elections is reaching its lifespan and will need upgraded.

Commissioners agreed to sign the abstract of the USD 252 bond election canvas, cancel a check that was lost in the mail, and renew the TULIP policy for the Lyon County Fairgrounds.