USD 253 reviewing employment recommendations and kindergarten readiness

USD 253 has a school board meeting tomorrow night.
The Emporia school district will review the September treasurer's report, school site council membership updates, and employment recommendations.
There are six new appointments for staff members of USD 253 and just one resignation for the school district. USD 253's Board Docs website has more information on employment updates.
Members of the school board, who are also members of the FHTC Board of Trustees or the Emporia Recreation Commission, will talk about updates with this respective board and commission.
The meeting will conclude with USD 253 Superintendent Kevin Case emphasizing the importance of kindergarten readiness. If a child does not achieve normal literacy levels by kindergarten, then they are susceptible to falling to the 35th percentile by the sixth grade.
The normal reading level for a sixth grader is the 70th percentile.
Case will also bring up the criteria for the state pre-kindergarten (four-year-old at-risk program). If applicable, this program must be implemented at least 465 hours during the school year.
For more information on tomorrow's school board meeting, go online to usd253.org.