Flint Hills Community Health Center sponsors free admission to Jones Aquatic Center on Monday evening

The pool party at Jones Aquatic Center on Monday night was a splashing-good time.
It took place at 6:30 PM and ended at 8:30, although the kids and adults who took to the pool didn't want to go home anytime soon.
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The pool party was a free admission event as part of National Health Center Week. National Health Center Week is a bunch of entertaining events hosted by Flint Hills Community Health Center.
According to Flint Hills Community Health Center communications manager Jacque Ambrose, they like to sponsor free events, such as free swimming at Jones Aquatic Center, in order to present health awareness to the Emporia community.
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Although the event is free to the greater community, the lifeguards received payment for keeping the kids safe from harm.
The Flint Hills Community Health Center, simply known as FHCTH, is hosting a back-to-school event on Tuesday from 6 to 9 PM, where they will offer free school physicals, sport physicals, dental screenings, and possible immunizations. The cost of the immunizations depends upon the individuals and their respective health coverages.
On Wednesday, the FHCTH is having a candidate forum. The candidates will be talking about the issues they will address if elected in office and how it relates to the  residents of the Emporia community.
Unlike most years, the 76th Democratic primary race has not been decided yet. Ambrose is very comfortable with Kelly Atherton and Teresa Briggs both attending the forum if they would both like to do that.
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The candidate forum starts at 7 PM takes place at the Emporia location. For more information on the candidate forum, or the FHCTH in general, please call 342-4864. You can also check out their website at www.flinthillshealth.org.