KCSL gets word out about 'purple crying'

Kansas Children's Service League is wrapping up a special effort to raise awareness about shaken baby syndrome and what's known as "the period of purple crying."


Director Bev Long joined KVOE's Morning Show on Thursday to get the word out about both items and to issue a late reminder for folks knitting purple caps to get those to the Emporia Public Library for pickup and delivery to the Wichita office Friday.

Long said purple crying refers to a time when a baby will cry -- a lot -- and can't be consoled.

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Purple crying can also take place hand-in-hand with colic. This can lead to some very frustrated parents or guardians and, as a result, lead to an increased risk of shaken or abused babies. 

As part of this effort, Kansas Children's Service League is offering DVDs with tips to handle purple crying, including warning signs, soothing techniques and ways to defuse your situation by essentially calling for backup, either from your spouse or friends.

For more information, go online to www.kscl.org or call 340-0408.