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USD 253 Emporia approved everything on their agenda during Wednesday's meeting.

The Emporia School District approved a measure regarding their scholarship pool Wednesday.

USD 253 Emporia approved their budget for publication for fiscal year 2016.

The Emporia High School library was the sight of Wednesday's USD 253 board meeting.

USD 253 Emporia approved a pay raise for all district employees during their meeting Wednesday.

USD 253 Emporia School Board made a big leap to advancing their 1-to-1 technology plan during Wednesday's meeting.

The Emporia School District celebrated a donation to the district's STREAM grant during their board meeting Wednesday.

The Emporia School Board had a lengthy meeting to start their newest member with Wednesday.

The Emporia School District is asking parents, students, employees and members of the community for input on how well the district is doing and what it may have to adjust.

The Emporia School District wants input on possible changes to school start and dismissal times.

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