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KTA plans moving lane closure north of Emporia

The Turnpike Authority has planned a moving inside lane closure north of Emporia on Monday.

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Influenza B becoming more prevalent locally

Flu is still a major health issue in Lyon County.

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Kansas and Welsh culture are undeniably invested in each other.

Kansas agriculture and Welsh culture are at this point intimately intertwined.

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Sentencing appeal in 2000 rape-kidnap case denied

A Lyon County man convicted of rape, kidnapping and sodomy over a decade ago has lost the latest appeal in his case.

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Two hospitalized after crash near Hartford

Lyon County deputies say two people were taken to Coffey County Hospital in Burlington following a wreck outside Hartford on Saturday.

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Court of Appeals reverses decision related to Lance Harris drug case

A Kansas Court of Appeals judicial panel has reversed a ruling in a Lyon County drug case from over five years ago.

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Mainly dry conditions could stay in place for foreseeable future

There is a range of dryness conditions across the KVOE listening area.

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Utility work to shut down part of 18th

The city of Emporia plans some notable utility work for a neighborhood near the Country Club.

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