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Thursday's wintry mix of precipitation did nothing to knock down the fire danger Friday.

In fact, a red flag warning is now in effect for Lyon, Chase, Coffey and Greenwood counties until 6 pm.

The controversy surrounding the proposed $31 million bond measure for USD 251 in north Lyon County has not gone unnoticed in recent weeks, especially during special school board meetings designed for public comment and question held recently.


Last night in Reading marked the grand finale of a series of 3 meetings held by the board of education in regards to the bond measure that has been met with tremendous push back from concerned citizens and tax payers like Sherry Furgeson. She tells KVOE News the domino effect that would be triggered by passing the bond measure would eventually lead to the towns that currently have schools that would be closed by this measure becoming ghost towns.

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Negative local economic impact is not the only reason for opposition from members of the public, but also items such as getting water to the school among other utility based issues. One point brought up in last night's meeting was the alteration of the roadway leading into the campus for safety purposes and if that has been planned at all.


Perhaps the most common theme in opposition has been the overall tax burden that would have to be shouldered by the entire district containing some tax payers that simply can't afford it. One resident rose for a statement telling the board to take into consideration folks who have a hard enough time getting by on their current household budget that don't want to see another tax burden, which received much applause from those in attendance.


USD 251 superintendent Aron Dody says he as well as the board fully understand the tax burden at hand and that folks need to take their personal financial situation into account when they vote May 3.

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Dody and the board have often cited throughout the public Q&A sessions held as of late the amount of the bond that Westar Energy has agreed to pick up cost-wise, and he says utilizing all of the district resources should be taken into account.

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Dody has said to district patrons at past meetings and again last night that anyone wanting additional information is free to contact his office so he can personally provide them with the facts they are seeking.


As both parties begin their strong last minute pushes for their arguments regarding the bond, stay tuned with KVOE News for the very latest information about this story. The bond will go to a vote district wide on May 3.

The Lyon County Register of Deeds office is about to have a major change at the top.

The threat of severe weather came and went without any activity Saturday.

Newman Regional Health administrators believe they have averted the temporary loss of Medicare reimbursement funds.

Monday night was the third and final chance for USD 251 residents to have their questions publicly answered by the board of education.

The last of three people to have a first court appearance allegedly tied to an attempted rape and kidnapping incident did so Tuesday.

Jury trial continues for Hershel Kemp, and it could continue for most if not all of this week.

Coffey County Attorney Doug Witteman is now a judge.

One-time Coffey County Attorney Doug Witteman officially becomes a judge for the Fourth Judicial District on Friday.

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