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By Chuck Samples/KVOE News

A south Greenwood County man has died after an accident Saturday evening near his home.

One person was taken to Newman Regional Health after a crash near Allen on Friday.

A one-vehicle accident near Burdick killed the driver Saturday evening.

Robert Wright is optimistic in his first week as CEO of Newman Regional Health.

A media-only meet-and-greet was held with Wright Thursday. Wright tells KVOE News he was immediately impressed with Newman Regional's facilities and people.

On Wednesday, it was announced a credentialing committee at Newman Regional Health had recommended an agreement with Flint Hills Community Health Center and Dr. Amanda Ruxton for delivering babies should not go forward because there was no component involved about adult care. On Thursday, Newman Regional CEO Bob Wright told KVOE News this has been a discussion point between the medical facilities for over a year.

An Emporia woman who pleaded no contest to three forgery and three theft counts against her will spend 45 days in jail as part of her sentence.

Newman Regional Health's new leader takes the hospital helm Monday.

Robert Wright comes to Newman Regional Health after serving as interim CEO at Regional General Hospital in Williston, Fla.

Newman Regional Health starts this week with the Wright man for the job. Pun totally intended.

They have hit the ground running in the first few days of their respective jobs.

Robert Wright started Monday as the new CEO at Newman Regional Health, while Aron Dody began Wednesday night as superintendent for USD 251 North Lyon County. Both men appeared on KVOE's Morning Show this week.

Staff adjustments and Critical Access designation will help Newman Regional Health's financial situation, according to hospital management.

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