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Final KVOE Candidate Forum coming Thursday

KVOE is wrapping up its look at the legislative races affecting Lyon County.

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Range of rain totals from Wednesday activity

Light to moderate rain totals were widespread across the KVOE listening area following showers and storms early Wednesday morning.

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Lemur naming contest ends at 5 pm

This is the final day to cast your vote -- on what the David Traylor Zoo's new female ring-tail lemurs should be named.

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Adjutant General featured guest at Veterans Roundtable

The state's adjutant general will be a noted participant in one of Emporia's All Veterans Tribute activities next month.

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Tower policy, MUPP Board changes on Lyon County Commission agenda

Lyon County commissioners have an action session planned for Thursday morning.

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City Commission set for study meeting

Several items of note are on the Emporia City Commission agenda for Wednesday morning.

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Flint Hills Community Health Center reviews committee reports and approves many different policies

Board directors from Flint Hills Community Health Center met earlier this afternoon to discuss the consent agenda, updates from two committees, and new policies.

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Merchant, Constitution crossings closed

Two railroad crossings in central Emporia have been closed this week.

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