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The number of so-called superloads headed from Emporia to Waverly is gradually on the increase.

Turbines have been getting a workout at the Waverly Wind Farm in northern Coffey County over the past two to three months. That's good, because those turbines have been tapping the ultra-high wind speeds recently and now are officially turning those winds into energy for Kansas City Power & Light.

The Waverly wind farm project continues on schedule.

Emporia State's Vice President for Student Affairs is staying put.

Emporia Police have now made two arrests after a gas station in west Emporia was robbed early Saturday morning.

Two rounds of winter weather may well affect much of Kansas before the upcoming weekend is out.

Light freezing rain is still possible early Friday morning as a cold front passes.

On Tuesday, Lyndon School District patrons will vote on plans for major building and traffic changes for the schools.

The Emporia School District has two events next week that parents and students need to know about.

Emporia was the site of a major announcement regarding the state's reintroduced Main Street program Friday.

The USDA is making permanent changes to school nutrition programs.

This lets schools serve larger portions of lean protein and whole grains at both breakfast and lunch.

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