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By Thursday morning, everybody in USD 253 will be in class.

On Tuesday, the Emporia School District is selling 400 desktop computers and a number of LCD screens.

All in all, Emporia School District administrators are pleased with what parents and staffers have asked as public meetings on boundary changes possibly affecting elementary schools are now over.

USD 253 is happy to report a clean audit for the year.

After starting a new traffic plan around Emporia Middle School on Monday, district officials are offering a reminder Tuesday.

USD 253 Emporia is reacting to cuts coming from the Statehouse as they make up for this fiscal year's budget shortfall.

USD 253 Emporia had a cut-and-dry meeting Wednesday evening.

Wednesday marks the start of the annual two-night run of the Emporia School District Seasonal Celebration.

USD 253 Emporia is seeing growth in enrollment for the second straight year.

Enrollmentand headcount numbers were the focus of Wednesday's USD 253 Emporia school board meeting.

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