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If you didn't get your federal tax information filed by Tuesday's local 4 pm deadline, you can rest easy -- at least until 4 pm Wednesday locally or midnight in larger cities.

Area firefighters have had a busy start to the week for grass fires.

Close to 20 pets were rescued after fire developed in a doghouse and then transitioned to a nearby home.

Scammers are now targeting social media accounts of users to try new ways of obtaining personal information.

A month after a boil water advisory impacted Emporia and the rest of Lyon County, a draft report outlining what happened is currently under review.

Totals are finalizing for auctions held over the weekend.

After a couple years in the making, the Memorial to Fallen Educators now just needs a signature from President Donald Trump to become an official national memorial.

Notable water line projects continue in Emporia.

Updates and meeting plans were the major topics of discussion for the Emporia Rec Commission monthly meeting Monday.

The number of controlled burns called in to Lyon County Dispatch grew as Monday progressed. So did the number of out-of-control grass fires.

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