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KVOE's 15th annual Drive for Food drawing closer

Ten days remain before KVOE's 15th annual Drive for Food to benefit the Emporia Salvation Army food pantry.

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Fire Prevention Week underway

Fire Prevention Week is underway across the country, and the Emporia Fire Department is urging you to take all the steps you can now to avoid a fire-related disaster later.

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FAFSA event to be held Monday evening

In years past, parents of high school juniors and seniors have gotten most of their financial aid information ready for consideration in the winter. That process has sped up to the fall, and a special information meeting is coming Monday evening at Emporia High's library.

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Manufacturing Day highlights business sector's benefits to school students

Manufacturing Day was held across the country Friday, and Flint Hills Technical College participated for the first time.

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ESU professors weigh in on presidential debate

Following a fireworks-filled presidential debate Sunday night, a pair of Emporia State professors gave their observations about how candidates Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton fared.

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Accidental dumpster fire occurs at 11 W. 9th Ave.

The Emporia Fire Department didn't have to worry about homes being ablaze on Sunday night, but they had to wash out a dumpster behind the Linden Apartments.

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EASCAR event finishes with Lisa Rhoads winning the Ultimate Tailgate Package

Jimmie Johnson won Sunday's Bank of America 500 NASCAR race, which was good news for Lisa Rhoads.

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Americus Fall Festival wraps up on high note

Americus was busy Saturday as the town's annual Fall Festival wrapped up.

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