Newman Regional Health announces Oct. 6 for drive-through flu shot clinic date Featured

Newman Regional Health announces Oct. 6 for drive-through flu shot clinic date Centers for Disease Control and Prevention graphic

Newman Regional Health has announced a drive-through flu shot clinic for early next month.

The event will be from 12-7 pm Oct. 6 at the Fairgrounds Anderson Building. On KVOE's Newsmaker segment Wednesday, Pharmacy Director Ashley Edwards said the standard dose flu shots will be available for people ages 3 and up. Edwards says it's time to get vaccinated.

The event will be held separately from planned activities by Flint Hills Community Health Center, although the Health Center has not announced final plans for a drive-through clinic of its own.

Newman Regional Health now has three different kinds of vaccines available -- the standard quadrivalent vaccine that protects against four different flu strains, the so-called high-dose vaccine for those over age 65 and the flu blocker for people with certain food allergies. The hospital will also have flu shots available through ExpressCare and different clinics.

Infection Preventionist Ester Knobloch says health experts watch the Southern Hemisphere for guidance on how severe the flu season will be here, and early indications are promising -- but there are still concerns about how the flu could overlap the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Health officials locally, statewide and nationally are now urging residents to get flu shots. Much of that has to do with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with concerns about available bed space dwindling if there are simultaneous spikes in flu and COVID-19 cases. Part of that also has to do with the similarity in symptoms, including fever, cough, fatigue, sore throat, headache, body aches, shortness of breath and runny or stuffy nose. If you get sick, stay home. To reduce the potential spread of flu, wash your hands frequently and use the so-called "vampire cough" of coughing into your elbow.

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