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Wolf Creek considering course of action after NRC proposes $232K fine Wolf Creek photo

Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation is reviewing its options in light of a proposed $232,000 fine for allegedly discriminating against a whistleblower.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says a contract employee reported concerns about an unspecified incident on Halloween 2016 during Wolf Creek's refueling outage, including concerns about a potential cover-up of an incident in containment, retaliation, a "chilled" work environment and federal Safety Conscious Work Environment issues.

The NRC says Wolf Creek did not consider the leave as an adverse action in the case and denied a violation in a subsequent meeting, but the federal agency said otherwise. The NRC also said Wolf Creek's investigation was focused on the contract employee's behavior and removing him from the worksite -- thus removing that individual from working at all during the outage -- and it did not review the employee's claim of retaliation.

Wolf Creek spokesman Justin Daily says safety is of utmost importance at the facility.

In its report, the NRC says Wolf Creek has either completed or planned Safety Conscious Work Environment training for executives; formal evaluation of prior Safety Conscious Work Environment actions; formulation of a work environment strategy initiative; enhancements to Wolf Creek's personnel action review board process; and planned enhancements to processes involving employment status changes.

Wolf Creek has 30 days to accept the violation and resulting fine, dispute it or enter into the NRC's alternate dispute resolution process. Cornell University's Institute on Conflict Resolution is facilitating the NRC program in case Wolf Creek decides on the alternate dispute resolution process.

Click here for the NRC report.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 19 December 2018 06:21