Affordable Care Act deemed 'invalid,' will remain in place as appeals develop Featured

Affordable Care Act deemed 'invalid,' will remain in place as appeals develop Courtesy graphic

The deadline for enrolling in health insurance through the federal marketplace may be Saturday, but the law that set up the Affordable Care Act -- the reason the marketplace is around today -- has been struck down.

However, the law will remain in place for now.

A federal judge has said the Affordable Care Act is "invalid." As part of a 55-page opinion, US District Judge Reed O'Connor said last year's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act took away penalties for not having coverage and thus took out the law's constitutional foundation.

Several things are at issue as this develops. As they repealed the fines for people who can afford coverage but chose not to enroll, Republican lawmakers have said they do not want to remove protections for people with pre-existing conditions, although there was an effort to remove those protections earlier. Several legal experts also say other popular provisions that benefit Medicare patients and people with employer-offered insurance could also be removed.

Appeals have already been announced, and the Trump Administration says the Affordable Care Act will remain in place as those proceed.

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