Potential expansion for LCAT services major topic during Lyon County Commission action session Featured

Commissioners overhear proposals during Thursday's action session Commissioners overhear proposals during Thursday's action session Tagan Trahoon/KVOE News

The visibility of LCAT services may be widening thanks to approval by the Lyon County Commission during their action session Thursday.

Assistant Lyon County Counselor and Aging Services Interim Director Michael Halleran presented a grant proposal to commissioners seeking funding for LCAT through the Kansas Department of Transportation. The grant would allow LCAT to purchase a new bus and hire two drivers for a new route running from the shopping district to downtown Emporia.

Commission Chairman Rollie Martin believes expanding the existing services will help increase business within Emporia.


Martin adds LCAT is meant as a service to all community members, not just one specific age group or demographic. He believes by expanding its services more individuals will begin using city transportation.

As part of the grant, Lyon County would be responsible for providing 30 percent of funds for the purchase, while KDOT would cover the remaining 70 percent. Commissioners approved the proposal by a 3-0 vote and will draft a letter of support to be sent to the state.

Lyon County Engineer Chip Woods also presented a resolution to commissioners allowing the weight limits of five area bridges to be raised and removing the weight limits on 17 bridges. The resolution became necessary after the federal government adjusted the formula used to determine weight limits on county bridges.

Martin says the changes will be relatively minimal.


Commissioners approved the resolution 3-0. The approval allows Lyon County to remain eligible for federal funding.

County Facilities Director Mark McKenna also presented several items to Commissioners for approval including generator bid letting, the elevator service agreement and a door replacement quote. Commissioners also revisited the topic of quotes for snow removal equipment tabled from last week’s action session.

All items were approved.

In other business commissioners also approved Friendship meals health insurance premiums in the ammount of $3,499.94 and approved the Lyon County Emergency Management reception center plan.

The County Commission’s next meeting is scheduled for Thursday Nov. 8 at 8 am in the County Courthouse.

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