Road 320 bridge over Turnpike now being raised Featured

Road 320 bridge over Turnpike now being raised Lyon County Highway Department map

The Kansas Turnpike Authority has closed a bridge over the highway near the Admire-Council Grove exit.

The bridge on Road 320 is currently closed as the KTA works on raising the bridge. This is one of several bridge-raising projects the KTA has conducted earlier this summer and fall.

At this time, the bridge is closed until further notice. The bridge could be closed anywhere from one to three months.

A host of other short-term improvements are planned Friday for the Turnpike near Emporia:

*Bridge repairs have shut down the southbound outside lane at mile marker 125, two miles southwest of the Emporia gate.
*Sealing of the inside shoulder is closing the northbound inside lane between mile markers 101 and 106, so 21 to 26 miles southwest of Emporia.
*Resurfacing has closed the northbound and southbound outside lanes at mile markers 110-112 near the Flint Hills cattle pens exit.

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