Lawmakers glad April revenues go above expectations

Lawmakers glad April revenues go above expectations KVOE News file photo

TOPEKA -- State lawmakers are pleased -- and relieved -- that April's revenue numbers came in as strong as they did.

Senate Vice President Jeff Longbine of Emporia:

60th District Representative Mark Schreiber of Emporia is also pleased. He says this gives lawmakers some budget flexibility they haven't had in several years.

The Kansas Department of Revenue says revenues were $66 million higher than expected for April and $930 million above last year.

Lawmakers were concerned April's numbers may come in flat or below last year's totals because of federal tax changes in December, where the government let residents file estimated taxes so long as they did so before the April 17 deadline. Instead, the state continued its now four-month string of beating expectations.

The main order of business remaining is the budget as lawmakers work towards the end of the session Friday. Budget bills are in conference committees as lawmakers hash out differences before coming up with a final document.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 02 May 2018 08:21