ESU successfully "cans the Bods" over weekend food drive

For the third year in a row, Emporia State University has successfully "canned" the Bods.

This year's rivalry, which coincides with the Turnpike Tussle football game this past weekend, saw Emporia State taking in over 58,000 donated food items, handily beating Washburn's total of 15,000.

ESU partnered with KVOE during the KVOE Drive for Food, and helped pack the Salvation Army pantry with over 34,000 items. ESU Associated Student Government President Racheal Countryman says she was a bit worried at first.

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Countryman calls KVOE's food drive organizing effort a "well-oiled machine," and the on-campus effort was equally as effective. Dorm halls and student organizations held friendly competitions to see who could bring in the most items, and the library also contributed a hefty amount of goods.

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Countryman says more and more people are participating in "Can the Bods" each year.

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Countryman says it's always a fun event to participate in, for Student Government and the rest of Emporia, as well as beneficial to those folks who need it most.

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